03 – General Warmup 1


If I told you your grade was 0x41 in hexadecimal, what would it be in ASCII?


I actually don’t no much about hexadecimal so let take a look. I don’t think it’s going to be as straightforward as 0x41 = 0

Anyways I typed 0x41= in google and it game me the answer of 65 that was to easy so I want to look further.



Looking at the ascii table there are number of columns 

Char | Dec | Oct | Hex

Hex = 0x41 <— this must be our number

Oct = 0101 

Dec = 65 <— what google gave me

Char = A <— I’m going to assume this is the answer we’re looking for.

If we look at the above link and scroll to common ascii codes to know you will see.

A      65 0101 0x41   capital A”


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