Admissions Software

What Makes A Good Admissions?

Admissions software is a must-have for any business school admissions team. It helps streamline the entire process from application submission through admission decision making. This article will explore some of the key reasons you need admissions software to power your business school applications.

Precise data tracking: Admission teams spend hours compiling and analysing applications each day. To ensure accurate results, you need to know precisely where every application stands at every process stage. You can track progress against your goals by applying filters to your data with admissions software. You can also set up customised alerts to notify you when applicants fall out of your target range.

Automate processes: When you automate the processing of your applications, you free up time and energy for higher-value activities. And with an automated system, you can focus on the tasks that require human interaction — such as reviewing transcripts, writing recommendations, and interviewing candidates.

Track applicant trends: One of the most significant challenges admissions officers face today is keeping up with changing trends and market preferences. An admissions software provides you with a single source of information on trends in your applicant pool. You can identify areas where you need to adapt your admissions strategy and create new recruiting initiatives.

Customize content: Every business school applicant has unique needs. Depending on the program, you might have specific requirements around essay length, required attachments, and preferred submission methods (e.g., email vs. upload). With admissions software, customising content becomes more accessible than ever before. You can easily create templates for essays, letters of recommendation, and other documents and assign them to applicants automatically. You can customise emails sent to prospective students based on their profiles.

Reduce errors: Errors happen. But when they occur during the admissions cycle, they can cost you valuable time and money. With admissions software, you can reduce the number of mistakes made by your staff by automating repetitive processes, creating standardised forms and templates, and assigning roles and responsibilities.

What Is Admissions Software Admissions software is used by universities and colleges to record information about students, including academic records, test scores, grades, SAT/ACT scores, etc.