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What Makes A Good Auto Attendant Systems?

An auto attendant system is a handy tool to help automate call centre operations. These systems are beneficial for call centres looking to improve customer service by reducing wait times and increasing staff productivity.

Useful for any business: An auto attendant system can be applied to virtually any business, no matter its size. It can manage small businesses such as pizza parlours, restaurants, or coffee shops. Or, it can be used to run large companies like airlines or banks.

Automate repetitive tasks: Call centre agents spend much of their day answering incoming calls, so auto attendants let you automate this process. Instead of waiting for each agent to answer every incoming call, you can direct callers to one of several options depending on the caller’s needs.

Improve efficiency: Because agents usually spend more than half their day answering calls, auto attendants can help reduce the amount of time spent on the phone. By directing customers to the right department, agents can focus on more productive activities.

Reduce costs: With an auto attendant system, you can direct call centre agents to the right departments and reduce the number of agents needed to handle incoming calls. That means fewer agents are needed, which leads to lower staffing costs.

Better customer experience: Customers appreciate being able to get through to someone at once instead of having to wait on hold. And because there’s less time spent on hold, callers don’t feel frustrated or inconvenienced. In addition, auto attendants provide better customer service because agents can spend more time addressing customer concerns.

In conclusion, auto attendant systems allow you to automate repetitive tasks, increase employee productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. They can also significantly reduce operating expenses. So, if you’re ready to start automating your call centre operations, check out our top picks below.

Top 5 Best Auto Attendant System Reviews 2018:

#1 – RingCentral

RingCentral’s cloud-based platform makes it easy to create automated workflows and send them to agents via email, SMS, or push notifications. Plus, you can integrate various third-party applications with your brand new auto attendant.


What Is Auto Attendant Systems Software An auto attendant system is a computer program which answers incoming calls automatically. It can be integrated with other systems like voicemail and email.