Automatic Call Distribution Software

What Makes A Good Automatic Call Distribution?

An automatic call distribution (ACD) system is one of the most valuablelele tools in any business today. It helps you automate your outbound calls and increase productivity by allowing you to handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously. We’ve put together a list of the best ACD solutions available for 2019.


You can choose from several different features when choosing an ACD solution. Standard features include

Automated dialer: An automated dialer connects to the telephone network via VoIP. It automatically dials numbers until you reach someone who picks up the line. Automatic dialers require no human intervention and can be set up to auto-dial hundreds of numbers at once. They can also play prerecorded messages to welcome callers and provide additional information.

Call queue: A call queue keeps track of each caller and whether they were successful. It allows you to prioritise calls and block spam calls before reaching your ears. You can create rules to determine how long a caller must wait before getting a live agent or how many times they can attempt calling before being blocked.

Unified messaging: With unified messaging, you can send texts, emails, and voicemails to customers from one place. Unified messaging allows you to manage all incoming communications from one dashboard.

Agent scheduling lets you schedule agents to work specific hours and days of the week. This means that you don’t have to worry about finding staff members to answer the phones at certain times. Instead, you can plan and assign agents to cover specific shifts.

Virtual receptionist: Virtual receptionists allow you to control the flow of incoming calls through a website. You can customise the greeting message, including the choice of language and tone. You can route calls to various departments within your company.

Inbound routing: Inbound routing redirects callers to the appropriate department depending on where they land on a contact map. This can help ensure that you focus more on servicing customers rather than answering questions about why their orders haven’t shipped yet.

Outbound recording: Outbound recording lets you record a message that plays back to callers after they hang up. This can help handle irate customers or train new employees.

Multi-lingual capability: Multi-lingual capability allows you to switch languages mid-call. This ensures that callers understand you regardless of where they are located or what language they speak.

What Is Automatic Call Distribution Software Automatic call distribution software helps business owners to distribute calls from their phone lines among multiple agents.