Bill of Materials Software

What Makes A Good Bill of Materials?

A bill of materials (BOM) lists parts and subparts needed to manufacture a product. It includes part numbers, dimensions, material requirements, quantity, and cost information. These data points are typically collected by purchasing professionals and stored in computer systems.

The BOM is a crucial element of any manufacturing process because it helps to ensure that every order receives precisely what was ordered. It also serves as a valuable record of its inventory, making it easier to track available stock levels, costs, and orders.

The BOM software you choose should allow you to enter new products and update existing ones quickly. It should also provide built-in reporting functions to know how much stock you have left. Depending on your industry and business model, this software could serve as the backbone of your entire operation.

What Is Bill of Materials Software Bill of materials (BOM) software helps manufacturers keep track of the components they need to produce a product. They record information about each component, including its price, quantity, and specifications.