YouTube has become the most popular video platform in the world. With billions of users around the globe, it is no surprise that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. In fact, YouTube is now used by more people worldwide than Facebook or Twitter combined. And as YouTube grows bigger and bigger, its advertising revenue keeps growing too. The company earns more than $10 billion annually through ads alone. This is why marketers are so eager to make their videos go viral. But how can they do this? Well, YouTube doesn’t have an official algorithm, but rather relies on human curation. That means that YouTube decides which videos should be featured in the top results, based on factors such as popularity, engagement, and other metrics. So what does this mean for you?

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You’re ready to share your video content with the world, but you’re missing the tools to make it big on YouTube. (“You’re telling me I need more than a ring light and a scandal?”)

Growing your audience by tailoring your videos to random trends or pushing out paid ads will cost you a ton of time and money.

If only there was a way you could find and connect with the audiences who are interested in your content.

Introducing Biteplay.

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