Bot Detection and Mitigation Software

What Makes A Good Bot Detection and Mitigation?

You can’t talk to customers unless you know where they are. That’s why bot detection and mitigation software is so crucial — it lets you identify potential human visitors and filter out bots before they reach your site. But finding the right solution for your business can be tricky because there are many options out there.

Bot traffic comes in two forms: direct (people visit your website directly), indirect (they click through links from sites like Facebook). Both of these require different approaches. Let’s start by looking at direct visits.

Direct traffic from social networks: Direct traffic is often referred to as organic traffic. It’s a massive percentage of total traffic. It is usually of poor quality.

To combat this issue, you need to implement some basic SEO strategies to ensure that your websites rank well for relevant terms and set up proper alerts to prevent spam accounts from sending too much traffic.

Indirect traffic from social networks: Indirect traffic refers to any clicks from social network referrals. These are typically higher quality than direct traffic, but they still pose a threat. To protect against this type of traffic, you need to implement anti-spam measures.

Using a combination of white-hat and black-hat techniques, you can get rid of the bad traffic while keeping the good one.

What Is Bot Detection and Mitigation Software Bot detection and mitigation software helps prevent bots from accessing your website. Bots are automated programs that mimic human behaviour on the internet. They're often used to spread spam and malware.