Brand Management Software

What Makes A Good Brand Management?

Brand management software helps brands manage their brand identities to achieve business goals. It includes tools that allow companies to create, edit, track, print, store, and distribute branded materials such as posters, brochures, flyers, newsletters, catalogues, etc.

Many brand managers also rely on brand management software to quickly design and produce printed products such as stickers, decals, labels, and signs. Other critical functions of this type of software include managing digital assets such as logos, fonts, templates, banners, icons, and animations. This is especially useful when businesses are looking for ways to optimise their websites and social media profiles.

It also helps brands identify new customers and prospects by analysing customer data and providing insights into customer behaviour. Brands can also leverage this information to improve existing processes and procedures.

The following are some of the best brand management software out there today.


This is one of the leading solutions available on the market right now. Designerly provides users with a suite of tools to design, customise, print, customise customised goods. Customised include pre-designed templates, online forms, and customisable logo designs. Users can choose from hundreds of stock templates and upload their photos to generate unique products. Once the product is ready, users can download it and send it directly to their clients or print it at home.

Pricing starts from $15 per month and goes up depending on the number of users.


Brandshop is another well-known brand management software solution. It is designed to help businesses create, publish, and maintain a complete marketing and branding assets portfolio, including logos, website templates, and other visual templates. Its web-based platform allows users to create custom products in just minutes. As a result, users can design any product ranging from simple flyers to sophisticated ads.

Once a product is done, users can preview it before printing. They can also select the quantity they wish to purchase and pay through various payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe.

Pricing depends on the number of users and starts from $50 per user.

What Is Brand Management Software Brand management software helps companies manage the brand identity of their business. It lets them keep track of all company information, including logos, colours, fonts, images, and more.