5 Ways to secure your unused AWS regions.

5 Ways to secure your unused AWS regions. AWS has 22 geographic regions currently available at the time of this post. If your environment contains one or more unused regions, monitoring those regions is vital for security and financial benefits. Deploying and running security scanning tools like AWS Cloudtrail, ConfigService, or any 3rd party tool,... » read more

Human Error Often the Culprit in Cloud….

Data breaches happen daily, but what constitutes a massive breach versus a small one? My thoughts are a breach is a breach, and size doesn’t matter. Cloud infrastructure interacts with the public Internet and becomes one big playground and attack surface compared to traditional private infrastructure. Finding a weakness in a relatively minor area could... » read more

20 Cybersecurity Books worth over $959

20 Cybersecurity Books worth over $959 Only $35 AUD for a limited time through humblebundle.com SUPPORT 2 GREAT CHARITY Electronic Frontier Foundation and Let’s EncryptLet’s Encrypt through the purchase. The ebooks in this bundle are available in PDF, MOBI, PRC, and ePub formats, so they work on your computer, e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and a... » read more

Critical vulnerabilities found in Azure.

The critical vulnerabilities found in the Azure Stack and Azure App Service by Check Point highlight an important point around Shared Compute. The exploit affected all the App Service plans. However, the Free and Shared compute plans allowed them to compromise other tenant apps, data, and accounts. Check out the full report here https://research.checkpoint.com/2020/remote-cloud-execution-critical-vulnerabilities-in-azure-cloud-infrastructure-part-ii/

The biggest vulnerability in any organization are …

I came across this great quote by Blaine Sundrud in one of the AWS Security Fundamental courses. The biggest vulnerability in any organization are humans. I’m not prejudiced against humans, some of my best friends are humans, but human beings have no business deploying infrastructure [when compared to AWS CloudFormation]. There are too many ways... » read more