CELUM is a global leader in digital asset management and content collaboration software. With CELUM, marketing teams create, manage and route vast volumes of product content for any audience and channel. Effortlessly manage thousands of digital assets in a central content hub with CELUM, manage tons of files & users, and seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack. Give your files meaning with metadata and put content in front of your audience providing a great content experience.

If you’re in charge of creating and managing hundreds or thousands of product images, videos, PDFs and other assets for your digital storefront — then you know how hard this can be. And even though you might have an amazing team of designers and developers working tirelessly behind the scenes, they still need help getting those assets into your store. Celum provides a simple interface that allows marketers to upload their files, organize them by category, and assign keywords to make finding them easier later. Marketing teams can use Celum to create and share beautiful product imagery, videos, and more, while keeping control over how their products look online.

Best For: Content marketing teams and publishers that want to make sure every piece of content they publish is optimized for each specific product