Cloud Security Software

What Makes A Good Cloud Security?

If you’re looking for a good cloud security solution, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new product. Instead, you can try out one of the many free options available today. Here’s a list of the best cloud security solutions.

Cloud-based antivirus: Antivirus protection is a must-have for any business owner. As businesses grow, so does the risk of malware becoming infected. With cloud-based antivirus, you can ensure no threat slips through the cracks.

Endpoint detection & response: Endpoint security is part of every business’s cybersecurity strategy. But endpoint security is a lot harder than it sounds. It requires constant monitoring and updating. That’s where cloud-based endpoint security comes into play. By storing data and updates in the cloud, you can monitor your network and respond to threats instantly.

Network intrusion prevention: Network intrusion prevention (NIP) is designed to stop malicious attacks before they hit your network. NIP monitors traffic moving across your network and stops suspicious activity before it happens.

What Is Cloud Security Software Cloud security software protects the information stored on remote servers from hackers and malware.