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What Makes A Good Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and iCloud are becoming increasingly popular among users everywhere. With these services, users store files online and access them from any device through an internet connection. These cloud storage services typically come with a free account option along with paid options. We’ve compiled some information below that should give you a better idea of what each service includes, why they’re popular, and whether or not they meet your needs.

Free vs Paid: Free accounts usually include 2GB storage space, but paid accounts often include unlimited file storage space. Some companies provide additional benefits such as secure password protection and extra file security. Paid accounts may also include advanced features such as file encryption, syncing across multiple platforms, and mobile app integrations.

File size limit: There is no set limit for file sizes with most cloud storage services. It depends on the company offering the service and its business model. Files larger than 2GB are likely to incur additional charges.

Security: The security of your data is one of the main reasons you would choose a cloud storage provider over local storage solutions. With cloud storage providers, all of your files are stored online and accessible by multiple devices. Local storage solutions such as USB drives and external hard drives protect your files from being accessed by unauthorized third parties.

Data Loss Protection: When using cloud storage services, you must assume that at least one of your devices could become lost or stolen. In this case, your files are vulnerable to theft or damage. Your cloud storage provider should offer some kind of insurance against accidental loss or theft.

Mobile App Integration: Many cloud storage providers allow you to sync your files across multiple devices through an application (mobile app). You can download an app onto your smartphone or tablet to view files directly from your computer. Users can also upload files to their cloud storage accounts via their smartphones or tablets. Apps also enable users to edit documents and collaborate with other individuals.

Backup: Backup is another key feature offered by most cloud storage providers. Backups can occur daily or weekly depending on how frequently you wish to back up your files. Some providers will even automatically back up your files every time you change them.

Integration with Other Services: Whether it be social media sites, email, calendar, or document management tools, there are dozens of applications that connect to cloud storage services. This integration is especially useful when you need to transfer files between different types of systems.

Shareability: All of your files are available online and can be shared with friends, family members, clients, and colleagues. You can send files to other users via email or social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

What Is Cloud Storage Software Cloud storage software lets you store all your files in the cloud so they're always accessible from anywhere.