Community Health Systems EHR Software

What Makes A Good Community Health Systems EHR?

Community Health Systems is one of the largest health systems in America, with 1,400 hospitals and clinics across 29 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada. To better serve its patients, CHS is adopting new technology solutions to improve patient care. In this article, we explore why the company chose Epic EMR and how it plans to leverage the system to improve workflow efficiency and ultimately boost productivity.

Flexible workflows: When your employees collaborate on projects and tasks, it helps improve efficiency by reducing duplication and ensuring the right individuals are involved. With that in mind, choose a platform that gives you the ability to set up custom workflows for each user based on their role within your company.

Mobile device integration: Mobile devices have become essential tools for healthcare professionals. As such, it’s important to find an EMR solution that integrates seamlessly with mobile platforms. An integrated EMR will allow users to easily access their data on any device.

Integration with existing applications: Having the ability to integrate your current applications with an EMR is key to improving workflow efficiency. It’s easier than ever before to connect to cloud services and third-party applications through Epic Connector Apps. These apps enable users to send structured patient information directly into the EMR, making it possible to transfer patient data from a variety of other sources, including paper records, software programs, and external databases.

Security: Security is a major concern among IT leaders in the industry, especially when it comes to storing sensitive data like protected health information (PHI). Make sure the EMR you select provides HIPAA compliance as well as the ability to encrypt data at rest.

What Is Community Health Systems EHR Software Community health systems electronic health records (EHR) are the medical record keeping system at primary care clinics. They're used to store all patient information including test results, prescriptions, appointments, medical history, and more.