Computer Based Training Software

What Makes A Good Computer Based Training?

Computer Based Training (CBT) Software is typically offered by companies that provide education services. It is designed to replace traditional classroom instruction and allow students to learn at their own pace while being supported by a virtual instructor. CBT Software is very effective because it provides a convenient learning environment that encourages active participation.

Mobile friendly: Mobile phones are now the primary device used to view online training courses. As such, any CBT Software must be optimized for mobile viewing. You shouldn’t have to worry about scrolling through long pages to read course information. Instead, you should be able to read everything in one place.

Responsive design: Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the new standard for websites. RWD ensures that a website displays well across all devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops. A responsive site looks great on every screen size.

Real-time chat: Chat rooms have been part of the internet since the early days. In fact, Facebook started out as a chat room before it became its current form. Real-time chat allows users to communicate directly with each other during live sessions. Students can ask questions to instructors and receive answers instantly. Instructors can answer questions and correct misconceptions throughout the session.

Social Media integration: Social media is becoming more popular than ever. Many learners are using social networks to interact with friends and family and discuss topics related to the course material. Having a social media component built into the CBT Software means that students can connect with their peers and instructors. Students can post comments, pictures, and videos to show their progress. Instructors can respond to these posts right away and encourage student interaction.

Interactive quizzes: Interactive quizzes are a great way to test knowledge retention. They don’t require a lot of effort and can help gauge whether students understand concepts better than just reading lecture slides alone.

Simulations: Simulations are another useful interactive feature that tests a learner’s mastery of a concept. These simulations can be used to demonstrate how to complete tasks or solve problems.

Video tutorials: Video tutorials are also a great way to teach a topic. Videos can explain a complex process step by step and allow learners to see exactly what needs to be done.

Self-assessment tools: Self-assessments are a great way to check if students have mastered the material. Some CBT Software will even grade a student’s performance and give them feedback based on their results.


Title: How do I decide which computer based training software to buy?

What Is Computer Based Training Software Computer based training software helps teachers teach students from anywhere in the world. The teacher creates lessons and uploads them to the software so they can be accessed by students at any time.