Computer Telephony Integration Software

What Makes A Good Computer Telephony Integration?

Computer telephony integration (CTI) refers to technology that connects computers and phones together. It’s designed to allow businesses to automate and improve business processes through the use of voice recognition and speech synthesis. CTI systems can be integrated into any computer system such as a call center, contact center, CRM, ERP, accounting system, or any other application that requires automated interactions with users.

There are two primary ways in which companies connect computers and phones together; via hardware or software. Hardware solutions typically involve connecting the computers directly to the phones, while software solutions rely on third party applications.

Software Solutions: There are several benefits to choosing software over hardware solutions. First, software solutions tend to be cheaper than hardware solutions because they’re flexible and scalable. Second, software solutions are easier to customize. Third, software solutions are more secure because there’s no direct connection to the phone line. And finally, companies that choose software solutions often enjoy greater flexibility and scalability than organizations that select hardware solutions.

Hardware Solutions: Because hardware solutions require physical connections to the phone lines, they’re usually limited to one type of device. For example, a company could purchase an IP PBX for its contact center, but would need to buy separate equipment for each of its employees’ desktops. On the other hand, software solutions are generally much more cost effective. Companies that choose hardware solutions often end up paying a premium price for a single piece of equipment that can’t be scaled up easily.

Which Solution Is Best For Your Business? One of the biggest challenges facing small and medium sized companies today is integrating calls into their existing workflow. In addition to having to change their current process by adding extra steps, they’re also subject to the limitations of the hardware they’ve chosen. Some businesses choose hardware solutions because they feel like they must do so. Others choose software solutions simply because they see the potential value that software provides them.

When deciding which solution is right for your organization, consider these factors:

• Cost: Whether you’re looking at a hardware or software solution, it’s important to know how much money you’ll spend.

• Scalability: Do you want to expand your phone system down the road? How will you handle growth? Will you need to upgrade your phone system when your business grows?

• Security: Are you concerned about security issues related to your phone system?

• Flexibility: Does your existing phone system offer enough customization options for you? Can you add new features?

• Mobility: Do you need mobility across different platforms? Is your phone system compatible with your mobile devices?

What Is Computer Telephony Integration Software Computer telephony integration (CTI) software is used by call centres to link the telephone calls they receive to information stored on a computer.