Conference Calling Software

What Makes A Good Conference Calling?

Conference calling is one of the most useful communication tools available today. It helps to improve business productivity by enabling employees to communicate with each other across distance. Companies that wish to expand their reach and increase employee engagement often turn to conference calling solutions.

Why choose conference calls over regular phone calls? Here are some reasons why you should opt for this mode of communication:

• Call quality – Conference calls give you better call quality than regular calls because the calls are routed through a central location. This makes it easier for everyone involved to hear and understand the discussion.

• Privacy – As long as you’re using conference calls, others won’t know whether you’re having a private conversation or participating in a meeting.

• Lower costs – Because you pay less per minute, conference calls usually cost much less than making individual calls.

• Better customer service – Customer service representatives are trained to handle conference calls, unlike regular calls where they would have to direct calls individually.

• More efficient – When working on projects together, team members can easily collaborate via conference calls.

Now that we’ve talked about why companies choose conference calls, let’s discuss the various types of conference calling solutions available.

Types of Conference Calls

There are three basic types of conference calls – In-band, Out-of-band and On-net. Let’s briefly talk about these options.

In-Band Conferencing

What Is Conference Calling Software Conference calling software allows people to call each other from different locations simultaneously. The technology works by connecting all the participants via phone lines, which allows them to hear the conversation.