Consignment Software

What Makes A Good Consignment?

Consignment software is a must-have for any business that wants to increase its profits by selling items online. If you’ve ever wondered why big name brands like Amazon charge up to 70% commission, this is why: they sell through consignment stores. And because these stores pay such low commissions, they’re desperate for ways to bring in new customers and increase sales. That’s where consignment software comes in.

Customizable design: To maximize conversions, you need to provide shoppers with a shopping experience that fits their needs and matches their style. Consignment software can be customized to fit every store’s unique branding needs.

Multiple payment options: Many businesses choose to accept payments via credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other forms of digital currency. But accepting payments with a variety of payment methods means shoppers have greater flexibility when making purchases.

Automated inventory management: When you rely on consignment software to manage your inventory, you no longer have to manually check each item for sale. Instead, you can set up automated systems that automatically scan items for sold, unsold, or pending orders.

Accessible pricing: It’s hard enough to compete when your competitors offer free shipping. So having a way to give customers a discount or lower prices can help you stand out.

What Is Consignment Software Consignment software helps retailers run their business efficiently. The software keeps track of inventory levels, orders, payments, and more.