Container Security Software

What Makes A Good Container Security?

Container security software (CIS) helps organizations identify malicious activity within containers. It’s designed to provide visibility into containerized environments by monitoring containers’ activities. Organizations rely on CIS to prevent attacks against their applications. As technology changes, so does the threat landscape, and CIS needs to adapt to stay ahead of attackers.

A comprehensive set of features: When looking for the right container security solution, you’ll want to check out its capabilities before making any purchase decisions. For example, you’ll want to see whether it provides real-time alerts and detailed reports that enable admins to respond faster than ever.

Compliance reporting: Compliance reporting ensures that IT departments adhere to corporate policies and regulations. In addition to providing compliance data, CIS solutions must facilitate secure communications to ensure that information remains confidential.

Security awareness training: CIS solutions should be integrated with a learning management system (LMS). An LMS gives administrators the ability to create courses and train users.

Scalability: Containers are becoming increasingly popular, and as such, there are numerous container platforms available. A CIS solution should allow you to scale up easily and efficiently to meet future demand.

What Is Container Security Software Container security software provides the ability to secure containers on public clouds like Amazon EC2 and Google Compute Engine.