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What Makes A Good Conversational AI Platform?

Conversational AI is set to change the world by making the human-computer interaction experience seamless and natural. It is being heralded as the “next big thing” in technology. But how does one know that the conversational AI they are considering buying is actually worth the price tag? In this article we will discuss some of the key attributes of a successful Conversational AI Platform and why it is such a crucial component of any Conversational AI solution.

A well-rounded platform: A good Conversational AI platform must have strong enterprise grade security and meet compliance requirements. It must also have strong analytics capabilities so that you can understand your users behavior and provide personalized experiences. Additionally, it must integrate with various third party services including CRM platforms, social networks, chatbots and more.

Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP capabilities are a key part of any Conversational AI platform. To be truly effective, it needs to handle a wide range of languages, dialects, accents, and slang. It also needs to be capable of understanding context, tone, sarcasm, and emotions.

Good Natural User Interface (NUI): Conversational AI is a completely new medium for communication and we need to give users the ability to communicate naturally and effectively. One of the ways to accomplish this is through a good Natural User Interface (NUi). An NUi provides a consistent user experience across devices and channels.

Flexible APIs: Conversational AI requires integration with other systems and applications. A good Conversational AI Platform API must allow developers to create custom integrations and easily scale up and down depending on demand.

Leverage AI Capabilities: Many developers believe that Conversational AI is just another form of AI. While there is no doubt that AI plays a vital role in Conversational AI, it is not the whole story. Conversational AI is also a highly innovative and intelligent application of machine learning. Leveraging AI capabilities in the right manner is essential to creating value out of Conversational AI.

Data Science & Machine Learning: With all the hype around Conversational AI, it’s easy to forget that this is still very much an emerging field. There is plenty of room for improvement in terms of data science and machine learning algorithms. We need to be careful here because too much data might hurt rather than help Conversational AI.

What Is Conversational AI Platform Software Conversational AI platform helps companies understand what people want from them. With this information, they can then build better chatbots that connect with the right person at the right time.