Dance Studio Software

What Makes A Good Dance Studio?

The dance studio software market is one of the biggest industries in the world, with over $1 Billion spent each year by studios across the globe. As such there is definitely a demand for a quality product that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. And luckily, there are plenty of free options available today. Here we discuss some of the best free dance studio management systems out there.

Free: Free means nothing is being charged, but it does mean that no money is being made. There are several free solutions that provide basic functionality, but this usually comes with limitations. Some of the key features you should expect from any good free solution include:

Multi user accounts: Multi-user accounts allow the teacher to create classes and students and assign them to specific teachers.

Student attendance tracking: Attendance tracking helps ensure that everyone who attends class gets credit for attending. This includes recording whether someone was late or left early.

Class schedule: Class schedules show the day and time of every lesson. Students can sign up for lessons through the system to avoid missing a single one.

Email notifications: Instructors receive daily emails regarding upcoming lessons and assignments. These can be sent via SMS too.

Online payments: Online payment processing enables instructors to collect payments online. They can also generate invoices directly from within the program.

Integration into other programs: Many schools use Excel spreadsheets for scheduling, attendance records, and student grades. Integrating these functions into a software package can be very helpful.

Ableton integration: Ableton Live is a popular music production application used by professional DJs and producers. It integrates well with many DAWS (digital audio workstation) like Cubase, ProTools, Logic, Garageband, Reason, and FL Studio. It’s possible to integrate Ableton into many different types of software packages.

Dedicated web server: A dedicated web server allows instructors to host their own website. It could be a simple site with just a few pages or it could be a full-fledged eLearning platform.

Included plugins: Sometimes you don’t need all of the extra bells and whistles included in a paid version, and sometimes you really do want to try a plugin before buying it. Plugins can extend the capabilities of a given software package beyond its base functions.

What Is Dance Studio Software Dance studio software is used by dance studios to help them organise classes, manage students, and run competitions.