Delivery Management Software

What Makes A Good Delivery Management?

Delivery management software helps companies manage orders, inventory, shipments, and customer service efficiently. With this software, employees can track orders from order entry through shipment. It keeps track of products on its shelves and can send notifications to workers about new items that are out of stock.

Real-time dashboard: Real-time dashboards allow managers to see everything happening throughout the day. When orders come in, the system sends alerts to employees to notify them of incoming orders. Managers can monitor where each employee is in the process of delivering orders, and they can check if an employee is following up with customers.

Customizable reports: Customized reports allow managers to view data on any aspect of their business. Reports can show where employees are performing well, where they could improve, or where there are too many outstanding deliveries or low stocks. This information gives managers insights into areas where improvement is needed.

Gantt chart: Gantt charts give managers an overview of delivery times. Employees can click through a timeline to see when specific tasks are due. This lets managers know exactly when they need to meet deadlines and plan ahead for upcoming projects.

Integration with CRM: Having an integrated solution means that you can sync data between your CRM and delivery management software. This ensures that everyone is working together towards the same goal.

What Is Delivery Management Software Delivery management software helps you schedule deliveries and keep track of the status of each order.