Dental Software

What Makes A Good Dental?

Dentistry software is one of the most exciting topics in dental technology today. With new technologies being developed every day, dentists are finding innovative ways to improve patient care through better documentation and communication.

But before you start looking for a new dental software solution, there are some key questions you’ll need answered. Let’s dive into what makes a good dental software…

#1 – What kind of records do I need to store?

There are two main categories of records: clinical (patient) records and administrative (practice management) records. Clinical records contain information such as x-rays, treatment plans, medical history, and insurance claims. Administrative records cover financial details and general business operations.

#2 – What kind of data am I storing?

The type of data you’re storing depends on whether you use electronic or paper record keeping. Electronic records allow you to enter data directly onto your computer system, whereas paper files must be entered manually. Here are some examples of data you’d typically see in electronic records:

– Patient demographics

– Treatment plan

– Medical history

– Insurance claims

– Laboratory results

What Is Dental Software Dental software helps dentists organise patient records, manage appointments, and provide treatment plans. It can be used on computers or mobile devices.