Digital Asset Management Software

What Makes A Good Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) software is essential for any business looking to manage digital assets such as photos, videos, reports, presentations, documents, spreadsheets and other files. DAM software helps you store, sort, organize and secure your files online and offline. It lets you create collections, edit metadata, collaborate with team members and easily share content.

Organizing your files into groups and subgroups: Files often come in different formats and sizes. Some are large file formats like PDFs or word documents while others are small file formats like JPEGs or MP3s. Organizing your files by size or type can help you better understand what needs attention and which ones can wait.

Searching your files: Searching through your files can be time consuming and frustrating. When you’re trying to find a specific file, having your information indexed by keyword can give you instant results.

Managing permissions and ownership: Managing permissions and ownership ensures that only the right users see certain files. Having your data locked down can prevent accidental changes, protect intellectual property and ensure compliance with security standards.

File encryption: Encrypting files provides additional protection against unauthorized viewing and tampering. Data encryption can be performed in two ways: full disk encryption and file encryption. Full disk encryption encrypts everything on your hard drive including operating system files, application programs and user data. File encryption only protects individual files.

Mobile accessibility: With mobile technology becoming more prevalent, it’s important that you choose a DAM solution that is optimized for mobility. You don’t want to limit yourself because you only have a smartphone.

Self-service tools: Self-service tools allow you to automate processes and provide additional functionality outside of traditional file management systems. These tools can include document scanning, photo printing and video editing.

What Is Digital Asset Management Software Digital asset management (DAM) software helps you organise, store, edit, and share all the content on your website.