Digital Forensics Software

What Makes A Good Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is a specialized field within information security that focuses on gathering evidence from digital sources such as computers, smartphones, tablets, hard drives, laptops, USB drives, mobile phones, and cloud storage accounts.

The job requires a lot of technical know-how, since there are no standard methods for obtaining digital evidence. Instead, investigators rely on ad hoc techniques for collecting and analyzing data. There are also no recognized certifications or degrees for this profession. In fact, most forensic examiners hold jobs outside of the field, working as sysadmins, IT managers, or legal professionals.

While some digital forensics software is intended strictly for law enforcement officers, many commercial products are available for private individuals, including forensic analysis of computer systems, mobile devices, and network traffic. Forensic software is often bundled with anti-malware software, allowing users to analyze malware samples, too. Some companies sell dedicated forensic hardware, such as smartphones equipped with built-in cameras, to collect evidence.

In short, digital forensics involves collecting data from digital sources and performing analyses to extract relevant information. Here are some key questions to ask yourself before purchasing digital forensics software:

What kind of data do I need to recover?

A digital forensics investigation begins by examining the physical properties of digital evidence. An investigator must determine whether the device was powered down properly, or if there were any power interruptions during operation. Data recovery software attempts to restore files from damaged drives and disks.

How much evidence am I looking at?

If the evidence consists of a single file, the size is likely small enough to fit on a portable drive. If the evidence includes several gigabytes of data, however, you might need to examine the original disk or partition where the data resides.

What is my budget?

Different types of digital evidence require different levels of expertise. For example, a simple text document only requires basic knowledge of operating systems and programming languages. But recovering deleted files from a hard drive requires advanced skills, particularly when dealing with data stored on RAID arrays.

Do I need all these tools?

What Is Digital Forensics Software Digital forensics software helps law enforcement agencies investigate crimes involving computers and mobile devices.