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What Makes A Good Ecommerce?

Buying online often involves buying many products. It can be tedious to sort through the options, compare prices, and choose the right ones. That’s why it pays to know what you’re looking for before you start shopping.

Checkout process: Every eCommerce website should have a seamless checkout experience. This means your customers should be able to complete their purchase with ease and confidence. Checkout processes should be quick and painless. In addition, there should be no hidden fees that come out of nowhere.

Sorting and filtering: When customers shop online, they expect to see everything in one place. No matter where they start browsing, they should be able to navigate to the product category they want to view. Once there, they should be able filter by price, size, color, brand, and any other criteria that helps narrow down their choices.

Product reviews: Customers appreciate being able to read reviews about products they’re considering purchasing. Reviews give them insight into whether the items are worth the cost and whether or not they meet their expectations.

Secure payment methods: Secure payment methods are always a plus for shoppers. Online transactions should be protected against fraud and theft. Additionally, you should be able to select the method of payment that suits your needs, such as credit cards, PayPal accounts, bank transfers, etc.

Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO is essential for every eCommerce website. Search engines like Google rank websites highly depending on how well they perform in organic searches. An optimized site will rank higher than a non-optimized one, which leads to more traffic and sales.

Mobile compatibility: Mobile users represent a large portion of today’s internet population. They are constantly checking their phones for notifications and updating social networks. To attract this audience, you must design your site to work perfectly on mobile devices.


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What Is Ecommerce Software - Part 2nIn this part we will learn how to set up an e-commerce platform, add products, edit product information, create custom fields, and more.