Event Booking Software

What Makes A Good Event Booking?

Event booking software is one of the easiest ways to manage every aspect of your event management business. It helps you book events, track attendance, send out invitations and reminders, manage payments, create reports and much more.

But before you start shopping around for the perfect event booking software, there are several factors you must consider. These four points will help you decide whether you need an event planning software solution or a generic calendar application.

1. Easy data entry: An event booking software needs to be user friendly. Making it easier for users to enter new information such as dates, times, locations, and guests will ensure efficiency and accuracy.

2. Integration: When looking for an event planning software, you’ll need to determine if you want to integrate with existing systems or develop your own custom solution. Depending on your specific needs, this could mean integrating with CRM solutions like Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google Apps, Intuit Quickbooks or any number of third party applications.

3. Customizability: There are plenty of event planning software platforms available today, but few provide the flexibility needed to meet your unique requirements. Some key considerations include the ability to customize forms, dashboards, schedules, and reports; the ability to import and export data into other systems; and the ability to incorporate 3rd party integrations.

4. User interface: The user interface of the event planning software you choose should be as simple as possible while providing enough functionality to allow you to perform all of your tasks efficiently.

Here are some additional questions you should ask yourself before choosing an event planning software platform:

• Do I need a full blown enterprise solution? Or does a basic event planner suffice?

• Do I want a mobile first approach?

• Does my current system offer all of the functionality I require?

• Are there any major gaps in functionality?

What Is Event Booking Software Event booking software helps event organisers plan events like weddings, conferences, parties, and other special occasions.