Fleet Management Software

What Makes A Good Fleet Management?

Fleet management software is designed to help fleet owners monitor and manage their vehicles and drivers. It helps ensure employees adhere to company policies and regulations.

Automated dispatch: Automated dispatching means that the software automatically assigns available drivers and vehicles to jobs. This saves time and reduces mistakes. You can also set up alerts for when certain conditions occur.

Integrated mobile app: Mobile device integration is essential for any modern fleet manager. With this functionality, you can track driver activity through the app, view reports, and see where your vehicle is at any given moment.

Vehicle tracking: Track vehicle location in real-time or store data for future reference.

Driver logbook: Record trips, mileage, and fuel consumption. Keep records of repairs and maintenance performed by mechanics. Ensure compliance with insurance requirements.

Payroll: Pay staff members directly through the system.

What Is Fleet Management Software Fleet management software helps fleet managers keep track of all the vehicles in their company. They can use this information to plan routes, monitor fuel usage, and more.