Gastroenterology EMR Software

What Makes A Good Gastroenterology EMR?

Gastroenterology EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Software is essential to every physician’s daily workflow. It keeps track of patient visits, diagnoses, procedures and medications. And there are many choices out there when looking for the right EMR system — some are better than others. But choosing one may be difficult, especially if you’re new to Gastroenterology. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Gastroenterology EHR Software.

#1 – Patient Experience

The patient experience plays a major role in determining whether a Gastroenterologist will recommend using your EMR system. An excellent patient experience means patients feel comfortable, confident and cared for during their visit. That includes having a clean, well-lit space where they can easily see a doctor, being greeted by friendly staff, getting answers to questions and feeling safe.

#2 – Technology

An EMR system should integrate seamlessly into your existing practices. It shouldn’t require you to learn a whole new technology and train your entire team on it. It should also allow you to customize the user interface to fit your needs. Additionally, it should provide a host of data analytics tools to help you analyze patient outcomes and improve quality measures.

#3 – Data Security

Your EMR should encrypt patient records and maintain HIPAA compliance. Your privacy must be protected by the software developer, not just by you. It’s a good idea to sign up for a free trial before purchasing a Gastroenterology EHRSystem.

#4 – Health IT Standards

If you’re going to work with other doctors, hospitals and clinics, you’ll want your EMR system to adhere to all relevant health care standards. These include CCHIT certification for electronic prescribing, Meaningful Use Stage 1, 2 & 3 criteria, and HL7 integration.

#5 – Support

Getting good customer service and technical support for your EMR is key. Ask potential vendors for references and reviews from current users. Make sure you get an annual maintenance contract and support plan. Also, ask them what level of training would be required to implement the system.

What Is Gastroenterology EMR Software Gastroenterology electronic medical records (EMR) is a set of applications that doctors use to store patient information. The application helps physicians keep track of all the tests they perform on patients.