General Contractor Software

What Makes A Good General Contractor?

When choosing a general contractor software, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions before making a decision. Here are five must-have features that every software needs to have.

Flexible pricing model: Pricing models vary depending on the size of your company. Some contractors prefer fixed monthly fees, while others choose per project pricing. Either way, you’ll likely want to choose a flexible pricing model because you’ll need flexibility to fit your business needs.

Track expenses: Expenses are one of the largest factors that affect the bottom line of any construction firm. Tracking all of your expenses is key to maintaining profitability. With a contract management system (CMS), you can easily track your expenses by category.

Automate tasks: The ability to automate repetitive tasks saves you time and increases efficiency. Many contractors spend hours each week performing the same tasks over and over again. An automated CMS minimizes this time spent on manual processes.

Manage clients: Managing client information is vital to any business. A good CMS will allow you to manage client information and contact information, including contracts, invoices, payment history, and more.

Create reports: Reports provide valuable insights into your business activity. As your business grows, so too does the amount of data you collect. Having a report builder lets you create customized reports to answer specific questions relating to your business.


What Is General Contractor Software General contractor software is a piece of software used by contractors and subcontractors to keep track of work orders, invoices, payments, and other important documents.