Geographic Information System Software

What Makes A Good Geographic Information System?

If you’re looking for a solid geographic information system (GIS) software solution that can handle large amounts of data, there’s no better choice than ArcGIS Online. It’s free, it’s cloud-based, it’s scalable, and it’s built by Esri, one of the world’s leading GIS software companies.

ArcGIS Online provides users with the ability to store, manage, analyze, visualize, and publish geospatial data online, enabling organizations of any size to create maps, models, and reports from anywhere in the world. With this powerful tool, businesses can easily create custom map services, including interactive maps, basemaps, and satellite imagery, and can collaborate and share their work with colleagues and clients.

You can start a free account today and begin exploring the power of ArcGIS Online.

What it does:

• Create maps and models

• Display and analyze data

• Publish maps and models

• Work collaboratively with other organizations

• Share maps and models

• Integrate with external systems

• Use advanced analysis capabilities

What Is Geographic Information System Software GIS systems are used to collect and analyse geographic information. For example, they're often used to map crime hotspots, plan roadworks, and monitor environmental damage.