Pricing Model Strategy

There is no right or wrong answer, but… How much do you charge, and What makes sense? What features gives the end-users enough usability without cutting yourself short with the right amount of restriction to move them up the pricing plans? SaaS Vs Enterprise Regarding a marketing strategy, some would argue you should have one or the other when it comes to a top-down or button-up approach. To me, this is outdated marketing and sales tactic, but it depends on …

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Marketing Model Strategy

There is the age-old marketing and sales argument when it comes to who you should market to, and before you take a deep dive into any marketing tactics, I also think you need to remember… Marketing tactics for one market type fail horribly in others. The bottom-up or top-down approach? The Maker or the Shaker? (Creators or Explorers) Let’s take a minute and break this down into two simple terms Makers & Shakers.  Top Down Long Sales cycle & demo calls, paid PoC, …

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Customer Acquisition Model

Free Trial, Freemium, or Demo Model? Each business, product, service or industry can be very different, and there is no one fits all approach. These models don’t always work hand in hand or are suitable for a specific product or audience. When deciding between a free trial, freemium, or demo model, you need to be extremely careful and consider many things. Audience Features Marketing Onboarding Resellers ROI First, let’s take a quick look at the different customer acquisition models to …

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10 Steps To Learn WordPress Fast (So You Don’t Have To Spend Hours Reading Tutorials)

Wordpress Dashboard Screenshot

If you want to build a successful online business, then learning WordPress fast will be vital. But even though WordPress is easy to set up, it can still take years to master. That’s why I wrote this step-by-step guide. It shows you how to quickly master WordPress so you can start building your next website. WordPress Themes To install, delete, manage and update themes in WordPress from the main dashboard click on Appearance > Themes. Remove Default Themes With any …

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Writing Guidelines

This page defines the standards for writing and branding on Branding Guidelines Logo TBA Headers Use H1 for page title only. Use H2 (Heading 2) for titles of major sections. Using H2 automatically creates a table of contents on the left sidebar. Use H3 (Heading 3) for subsections under H2 titles. H3 titles should only exist under H2 titles. [wpdatatable id=35] Guides & Documentation Our guides and documentation are to present instructions and ideas consistently to our readers. Our documentation and …

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10 Ways To Choose A Good WordPress Hosting Provider (That’s Not GoDaddy)

WordPress hosting can be confusing. There are so many options out there! And most people don’t know which ones are good. So I decided to research and create a step-by-step guide on choosing a good WordPress host. Don’t worry, though – It’s not the technical stuff. This guide will cover: How do you find the perfect fit for your needs? How to get started with the best hosting services that won’t break the bank. Hosting services that can impact the …

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WordPress Speed Optimisation: The Complete Guide (2022)

This guide will show you exactly how to optimise your WordPress I’ve been working on speeding up my site since 2012. And it took a lot of trial and error before I finally found the secret formula. In fact, I’ve been able to boost my site speed by an average of 60%. Including: So if you want to go from a SLOW website to a Fast website, this guide is for you. this guide is for you. Let’s get started. …

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Composer & WPackagist: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Composer is a package manager for PHP dependencies. It lets you specify which third-party packages your application uses so they get installed automatically when you run commands. It also includes an autoloader for making class loading easier. It’s very easy to use: just add composer.json file with dependencies, or your WordPress directory and run the composer install command and all your dependencies are installed. Though in most cases for WordPress if you’re not developing plugins, you will be using …

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WP Hive

Deep dive into WordPress plugins, discover the best plugins. Convenient, insightful analytics on your WordPress plugins. Reviewing plugins is a very time-consuming task. It is essential to have a guideline to follow to ensure all plugins are tested in the same way. WP Hive has developed a framework to review plugins, ensuring all plugins are evaluated in the same way. This will allow you to compare plugins against each other, moreover will enable you to compare which Plugins are suitable …

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Hide Posts

If you are using WordPress for your website, you might have some posts that you want to hide on your website. This may be due to some sensitive information that you do not want displayed or articles that are related to an event that has already happened. Whatever the reason, hiding posts is a simple process that you can do.