Why I Deleted My Business After Years Of Successful Growth

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Stop selling and diagnose the problem first.

 Sometimes we need to consider whether we should close down a program, product, feature or service.

As an entrepreneur, product or business owner, how do you know if it’s time to turn off one (or several) of your services?

Speaking from experience, managing multiple businesses and always trying to plan and develop another.

There were a number of reasons that made me re-think my current situation and trim it down to a couple of core sites, products & services, the decision didn’t happen overnight.

A personal brand with a purpose.

Creating a personal brand has always been a tough decision for me.

I’ve all way questioned if creating a personal brand, can you ever sell it, is a personal brand the right choice.

How do you separate yourself from a personal brand after all the brand is you.

The decision was simple.

  • I am the business and there is no point in hiding behind a brand name.
  • I’ll worry about that later down the track, there is always a way.

I help people on a very personal level so I am the business. This was the difference between my old assets and where I am now, I have a clear vision and mission.

You need to be clear about your vision and mission, and decide what works best for you.

Google of all business

Google of all businesses kept me rethinking this decision as it played on my mind for months.

Now, these are not exactly relatable to the business and services I offered. But the more I saw this popping up in my news feed the more I started to look into why.

Google announced they are shutting off their IoT services on Google Cloud

At the time on killedbygoogle.com there are 273 products they have killed off over time.

Not all of those products have been completely killed off, some have been improved, renamed or combined into related products.

This got me wondering about my own vision and whether they are still relatable.

Of course, when we start with our online business, our biggest concern is making a sale.

After we get a sale, we start adding more products or services. Eventually, we end up with this whole portfolio, and sometimes, they’re the old version of your business.

  • They don’t reflect your current vision, values or mission anymore.
  • They don’t add the best possible value, due to changes in the market or technology.
  • It’s just old and outdated.
  • They could just be costing you money.

Algorithms change, and people adapt.

Google announces an algorithm update for its ranking algorithm.

This isn’t always going to be relatable, but it was for some of my assets, a lot of sites were organic ranking and generating income, and there was a slight decline in ranking on some.

I couldn’t say if the update was the main cause of this, but I felt there was a good chance that they could be penalised based on the content that was created, a lot of it was old and didn’t follow recent best practices.

When you have websites with 1000,s of pages and it is a big task to go through and try to fix.

Trim your current assets to focus on the highest growth areas.

I felt a lot of these are old visions of my business, a collection of 12 years of online marketing & sales.

Not all were an easy choice to just hit the destroy button on our servers, but it came back to re-evaluate my decisions, rejecting the noise and focusing on what matters.

Shutting down is a huge decision

So how do you know if you should shut it down?

One thing to do is to score it, like assess it.

You want to do a diagnostic on your product or service and consider a few factors.

Diagnostic checklist

  • Does it still serve our existing version of the business?
  • Is it bringing in the right type of clients?
  • Is it profitable in outright terms or ineffective hourly rate terms?
  • Is it taking your attention or focus away from something that could benefit from your time and attention much more?

Find out what will work best for your business and its current situation, like business partners, finances etc.

This is a powerful question to ask yourself before making any decisions.

If you are sitting on the fence about making the decision, two questions you need to ask yourself are.

  1. If you took this product away, is it reversible?
  2. Is it a one-way decision, or is it a reversible decision?

For example:

If you stopped selling a particular product, service or feature.

And you miss it, you really want it back.

Could you just start it again?

For most things probably yes.

So often, it’s not the end of the world if you decide to axe something, remove or delete it, and you want to do it again.

Generally, you won’t miss it, and it’s rare that you would restart something after making the decision based on scoring criteria, be objective and start based on facts rather than feelings.

Get back to a simple business model and become calmer and happier.

Get rid of distractions and focus on what matters, back to a simpler business structure and you will experience greater peace of mind.

Get rid of the clutter, Letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you.

Even if you had multiple businesses or products and team-run, they still take up bandwidth, and you have to be responsible for them.

Fewer products, bring fewer challenges and issues.

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