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Is Kinsta any good

Kinsta has been around since 2010, and it has grown into one of the largest WordPress hosting providers in the world. It offers a wide range of features, including free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Kinsta platform offers a range of features designed to make it easy to manage your WordPress website.

It includes tools like:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Automatic backups
  • Built-in CDN. In addition
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Kinsta faster than Bluehost

Kinsta has been optimized specifically for WordPress sites, which they claim will perform better than any other host. It comes with all the tools you need to optimize your site, including caching plugins, security patches, and backup solutions. While it will cost you more than hosting on Bluehost, it should be a fast alternative.

kinsta pros and cons

The Pros:

1) Easy Installation – Installing WordPress on our Kinsta is easy and straightforward. It takes less than 5 minutes to install it and configure it to your needs.

2) 24/7 Support – Their team is available 24/7 via chat, email, ticket system, etc.

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Why is kinsta so expensive?

This depends on what you’re comparing it to. Not all hosting providers and plans are created the same. That isn’t to say Kinsta is expensive, but when it comes to WordPress hosting, we would call it more of a premium service, which is the price you pay. They focus only on WordPress hosting and nothing else. They have been a rising star in the hosting market. This is also dues to their well documented and written posts, helpful guides and tutorials and a very generous affiliate program

kinsta vs siteground

SiteGround has been around since 2005, and they offer a wide range of services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, CDN, SSL certificates, and more. They offer 24/7 customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Kinsta is Built for Performance and Scalability

Kinsta is an amazing Webhosting company, their hosting platform is optimized to provide incredible speed, performance, scalability, and reliability.

You can easily change your plan with just a few clicks and your hosting bill is automatically prorated.

We use the fastest virtual machine and networking options available to us.

Kinsta Server Locations

Kinsta servers are located in the:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Europe

They route traffic using Google Cloud’s Premium Tier Network, which means the fastest possible paths will serve your website.

Our high-performance software stack includes orchestrated LXC software containers, LXD managed hosts, tuned configurations for Nginx and PHP, and MariaDB, as well as WordPress with Kinsta! I’m pleased at the ease and speed with which we set up our WordPress site with Kinsta. We love the staging environment and deployment to production!

Kinsta is Safe and Secure

As you would expect with any premium host company, they take security seriously.

We’ve integrated Cloudflare into our platform to provide enhanced security and performance for your website. You won’t need to worry about managing your own Cloudflare accounts or setting up any additional security features.

Our Cloudflare integration provides the same level of security as if you were using Cloudflare directly.

Some of Kinsta’s main security features include:

  • monitoring sites every two minutes for uptime, 720 times a day.
  • rigid software-based restrictions to stop malicious code
  • real-time DDoS attack prevention and mitigation
  • 2FA support
  • automatic bans of IPs with more than 6 failed logins in a minute.

A dedicated security team to address malicious attacks, hacks, and exploits, free Cloudflare integration with a secured firewall and built-in DDOS protection, automated backups for all plans, so you never lose your site or data. They also store two weeks of backup at all times, with possible increasing data retention.

Automatic security checks for plugins. If something happens to your site, we will help you out by restoring it and ensuring it’s safe. You won’t be charged for this service.

Kinsta is developer-friendly

Kinsta is a web hosting company that focuses on providing an excellent experience for developers. Their dashboard is designed to make it easy to manage your account, as well as their products and tools.

Some of these tools include:

  • Custom Dashboard
  • Easy Installation
  • Caching Plugins
  • PHP Debugging Tools
  • SSH Access
  • User Management
  • Support Ticketing System
  • SSH
  • Git
  • WP CLI

Custom WordPress Environments:

You can use custom setups like BedRock or Trellis, Starter themes like Sage are also allowed.

Buildpipe Lines

Kinsta is an easy-to-use web application platform for developers. It provides tools for creating, deploying, managing and monitoring applications.

Develop on Local, push to Staging and push from Staging to production.

Site cloning allows you to clone your entire website into another location easily.

Kinsta offers an easy-to-use application performance monitoring tool for troubleshooting WordPress problems.

You can switch between different PHP versions for each live site and stage site, and loading your site over a reverse proxying server is also possible. 

Kinsta Support

We honestly cannot say enough about how wonderful Kinsta is! Their customer service is always excellent, very friendly and helpful support. They’re quick to respond to any issues or questions and available 24/7

Free Migrations from Real People

Their expert migrations engineers perform free migrations

Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions

Kinsta is a fast-growing company that offers excellent customer service. Their affiliate program pays very well. The partner program is a great way to make money online. You can earn up to $500 per month or more by referring people to Kinsta. You can also get paid a 10% monthly recurring commission as a hybrid commission structure. Compared to SiteGround, affiliates get paid between $50 to $150 per sale.

How Kinsta Compares to SiteGround in a Nutshell

The Google Cloud Platform powers Kinsta. SiteGround has made this transaction but was far from smooth sailing with the mammoth migration task. While SiteGround also uses Google Cloud Platform, they do not offer premium tier services such as C2 Computer Optimized VMs or Premium Tier Network.

Instead, they use slower N2 machines across the entire infrastructure. 

They are also proud to be listed among the top software review and comparison websites among the highest-rated managed WordPress hosts on G2.

Kinsta supports more than 30 data centres worldwide, while SiteGround only supports six.

Kinsta performs weekly automatic database optimizations on all of your sites. SiteGround doesn’t perform such optimizations but users are free to do this.

All Kinstra customers are protected by a Cloudflare integration that doesn’t require a personal Cloudflare account. It supports both non-www domains and www domains. Their integration includes a high-performance CDN and enterprise-level firewall with DDoS protection. Siteground also offers a Cloudflare integration with CDN and firewall functionality but requires you to set up a personal Cloudflare account.

Kinsta plans include access to our built-In Application Performance Monitoring Tool (APM) they also support New Relic. SiteGround doesn’t offer an APM tool or support for New Relic on any plan.

Siteground has a tiered support system, which means you may need to deal with escalations. Kinsta average response time for a support request is less than 2 minutes and even offer multilingual support. Moreover, they don’t have tier support, which means you will always be connected with an expert who can solve your problems. While siteground also offers 24/7 support, they don’t provide multilingual support.

Kinsta Pricing Plans

Kinsta pricing starts from 30$ per month and goes up to several hundreds. Depending on your needs and number of visits, we recommend plans have limitations on the number of WordPress installations.

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Best Kinsta Alternatives for WordPress Hosting

Pros and Cons of Flywheel as an Alternative

There are a few reasons why Flywheel can make a good option to kinsta. First off they have a much cheaper entrance level plan that still gives you most of the same features you’d get from kinsta, the tiny plan which costs just $15 per month.

However, it will only work for very low traffic sites, which is something to consider.

Flywheel is cheaper than Kinsta when hosting 10 sites.

  • You get 100,000 visits per site with Flywheel.
  • With Kinsta, you get 5,000 visits per site.

Flywheel has great features for freelancers. You can easily bill your client and integrate with their website locally. This makes it easier to work on projects without going back and forth to another server.

Flywheel was acquired by WP Engine.

Pros and Cons of Pressidium as an Alternative

Pressidium uses high-availability infrastructure on their servers, meaning that if one server goes down, another one takes over.

This allows them to provide an excellent service without charging too much money. Their customer service is also very helpful.

High availability means that Pressidium hosts multiple identical copies of your website in different data centers around the world.

If one copy of your website goes down, Pressidium automatically redirects traffic to another copy.

You can easily scale up or down by adding more servers.

Pressidium’s plans start at 24.90 per month. A website costs 24.90 per

Cloudways managed hosting solution.

Cloudways doesn’t host anything as such, you can choose your own cloud hosting provider from the list of top cloud providers.

  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Digital Ocean

Once you’ve chosen your cloud VPS and resources from those providers, Cloudways will set them up and manage them for you, they give you the managed WordPress hosting services you’d expect from any provider like Kinsta.

  • You get automatic daily backups.
  • You can easily manage your site using their Breeze plugin.
  • You get free SSL certificates.

Their pricing depends on the cloud service you choose. The cheapest entry-level option is the Digital Ocean plan at $10 a month, including the droplet charge.

Cons of Cloudways as an Alternative

Cloudways offers excellent performance for low prices. You can easily host more than one site on a single account. There are no limits on how many sites you can host. Cloudways offers many features, but it’s not as easy to use as Kinsta, and beginners might find it hard when working with WordPress sites on Cloudways.


  • WPX Hosting offers staging sites
  • A built-in CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Automatic and on- demand backups.
  • Free/easy self-signed SSL certificates.
  • Proactive malware scans and DDoS protection.
  • Free malware removal if necessary.
  • Plans start at $25 per month.
  • 5 websites, 10GB storage, 100GB bandwidth.

Cons of WPX Hosting as an Alternative

WPX Hosting are a good choice if you want to host multiple websites. 

Even though WPX Hosting’s cheapest package includes 5 websites, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be charged more than $25 per month for hosting each website.

Staging sites also count towards your total number of websites hosted by WPX Hosting. So if you have 1 live website and 2 staging websites, you’ll be billed for 3 websites instead of 2.

WPX Hosting don’t use visit limits for billing. You’ll only pay based on your website’s actual storage and bandwidth usage, which makes it easier to figure out how much you’re using.

WPX Hosting offers a very basic dashboard. It doesn’t offer as many features as Kinsta does. It doesn’t cache your website, either. It loads your website slowly because it doesn’t use server-side caching.

WP Engine

WP Engine offers virtually everything you get with kinsta at an almost equal cost.

Their plans include the following features:

  • Unlimited domains
  • A free plan includes a single site, up to 25,000 page views per month
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Paid plans include unlimited sites, up to 100,000 page views per day, and premium SSL certificates.
  • 10GB Storage. 50GB Bandwidth.

Cons of WP Engine as an Alternative

WP Engine and Kinstra are both very similar products. Both offer managed hosting services for WordPress users.

They also offer similar pricing plans.

There isn’t really any reason to choose one over the other.

WP Engine offers more features than Kinsta.

Both companies offer similar services, but WP Engine charges more than Kinsta.

WP Engine offers less features than Kinsta.

Their second tier plan jumps from $30/mo to $115/mo.

There is no in-between option like with Kinsta. WP Engine also doesn’t offer phone support on the lower tiers.

Phone support is available on higher tiers. If you love being on the phone, this could be an advantage for WP Engine.

Is the Best Alternative for You?

You should always consider the price when choosing an alternative. This is the first thing you need to do. Second, let’s talk about what features you want to see in your new hosting service. Here’s how I think you should go about picking:”

  • Flywheel is cheap but doesn’t support many websites.
  • WPX Hosting is cheap but supports many websites.
  • Cloudways can be much cheaper, while still performing very well. Just remember that it’ll be a little more complex, so it might not be a great choice as a beginner.

On the other hand, if you’re not too concerned about price but aren’t happy with Kinsta’s quality for some reason, you should check out Pressidium.

While they are a bit more expensive for the same resources, you get some advantages for the money:

  • High availability infrastructure on all plans.
  • There are no overage fees if you go above your traffic limit due to a one time spike.
  • You get direct access to engineers for support.
  • There are no different support tiers’ or tiers of service.

WP Engine may also be an option to consider. I prefer WordPress Hosting by Kinsta to WPEngine. Essentially, WPEngine is a great host, but they have a lot of the same strengths and weaknesses as Kinsta. It’s tough to single out any specific areas where you’d have a noticeably better or worse experience.

The biggest reason you may be searching for an alternative is price, while Kinsta are competitive for the premium managed WordPress hosting space, but the $30 entry-level plan for a single website is still a tough pill for many webmasters.

The pill gets even harder when you need to host multiple sites or have a lot of visitors because your next cheapest option is $60 for two sites or $100 for five sites.

You can definitely find cheaper alternatives to Kinsta that still offer a quality product.

They may not be as good as Kistna in every way, But they can be a lot cheaper and still offer Fast Performance and Useful Features.

The other reason might be that you’re Unhappy with the features Kistna offer for Some Specific Reason.

For example, maybe you Want to Use a high availability setup or want full root access to customise things.

Kinsta Don’t Offer Those Features So You’ll Need to Go With An Alternative If Those Are Important to You.

they “lose control of their websites” on Kinsta

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