kippy is an online cloud-based solution to help you track your strategic objectives better.

Tired of running your organization in Excel?

Are you wasting time chasing your team for spreadsheets just to know if you’re on track, what’s working, and who needs help?

Align KPIs, projects, and appraisals to company-wide objectives in order to help everyone work more effectively.

kippy is a cloud-based app with a stream-lined, guided methodology that makes it easy to identify and maintain key information, as well as delegate the leg-work to your teams.

Voice-driven interactive dashboards show scores by Objectives, KPIs, Projects, Milestones, Teams, and Employees at any reporting frequency.

Focus on strategy execution and effortlessly manage feedback, collaboration, and appraisals for the whole organization at the same time.

Get started with just a few clicks, or let our team get you set up.

Subscribe for your very own kippy instance and see your strategic objectives go live in minutes.

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