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Email marketing, on-boarding and product updates. How to get it right when you have multiple products, 100,000’s of users but still deliver the right information to the right people with the perfect user segmentation list. This is one this Atlassian does right, as you can see below a breakdown of their email marketing campaigns.

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Product Recommendations

Discover how Atlassian Products work better together. Sign up for useful Product suggestions that boost Productivity and collaboration.

Atlassian Cloud

Product Recommendations
Product Recommendations Atlassian Access
Product Recommendations Bitbucket Cloud
Product Recommendations Confluence Cloud
Product Recommendations Jira Align Cloud
Product Recommendations Jira Core Cloud
Product Recommendations Jira ServiceDesk Cloud
Product Recommendations Jira Software Cloud
Product Recommendations Opsgenie Cloud
Product Recommendations Advanced Roadmaps For Jira Cloud
Product Recommendations Sourcetree
Product Recommendations Statuspage Cloud
Product Recommendations Trello
Product Recommendations Halp

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Atlassian Data Center

Product Recommendations Bitbucket Data Center
Product Recommendations Confluence Data Center
Product Recommendations Crowd Data Center
Product Recommendations Jira Align Data Center
Product Recommendations Jira Core Data Center
Product Recommendations Jira Service Desk Data Center
Product Recommendations Jira Software Data Center
Product Recommendations Portfolio For Jira Data Center

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Product Upgrades

Upgrade your Product experience. Learn about the different features available in our Product tiers and deployments to make the right choice for your company.

Atlassian Cloud

Product Upgrades
Product Upgrades Atlassian Access
Product Upgrades Bitbucket Cloud
Product Upgrades Confluence Cloud
Product Upgrades Jira Align Cloud
Product Upgrades Jira Core Cloud
Product Upgrades Jira Service Desk Cloud
Product Upgrades Jira Software Cloud
Product Upgrades Opsgenie Cloud
Product Upgrades Advanced Roadmaps For Jira Cloud
Product Upgrades Sourcetree
Product Upgrades Statuspage Cloud
Trello Enterprise
Product Upgrades Help

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Atlassian Data Center

Product Upgrades Bitbucket Data Center
Product Upgrades Confluence Data Center
Product Upgrades Crowd Data Center
Product Upgrades Jira Align Data Center
Product Upgrades Jira Core Data Center
Product Upgrades Jira Service Desk Data Center
Product Upgrades Jira Software Data Center
Product Upgrades Portfolio For Jira Data Center

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Tech Alerts

Stay up-to-date on security advisories, maintenance notifications, and pricing updates that affect your account. Note: if you are a tech administrator, you will always receive these notifications.

Jira Software Tech Alerts
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Bamboo Tech Alerts
Crucible Tech Alerts
Crowd Tech Alerts
Clover Tech Alerts
Bitbucket Tech Alerts

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Product Surveys

Your feedback is essential. Sign up for survey emails to help make our Products and experiences better.

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