Chris Orlob

Chris Orlob has a wealth of experience in growing SaaS startups and has a proven track record of scaling SaaS startups into “IPO-able” unicorns and helping them achieve $1B ARR.

During his time at Gong, he joined as the 2nd US-based employee, grew ARR from $178k to present, and grew the customer base from 17 to 3,000+.

Orlob’s approach to scaling startups involves two main steps: the path to $100M ARR, and growth-at-scale (the path to $1B ARR).

In the first step, he rapidly grows ARR to $100M by electrifying the market with a white-hot thought leadership marketing crusade, rapidly recruiting, training, and scaling a sales organization of A+ sales talent by tapping into his vast network of AEs, and building a super-repeatable sales process and customer acquisition system that runs successfully without heavy intervention from management.

In the second step, as the company skates towards $100M, he helps companies execute growth-at-scale toward $1B ARR by going multi-product and building multiple streams of $100M+ ARR business, going upmarket and closing seven-figure accounts and increasing net dollar retention (NDR) to be in the top quartile of SaaS companies: a non-negotiable for growth at-scale and impossible to get to $1B ARR without.

Orlob works with SaaS startups that are creating new markets or categories, have achieved initial product/market fit, find themselves in a horserace with the competition and have an evangelical audience/market.

He is an authority in the SaaS sales space and has the skills, experience, and network to help startups achieve their growth goals.

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