Free Affiliate Marketing Programs

Are affiliate programs free?

If you have to pay to join an affiliate program, that should be a red flag and could possibly be a scam. I don’t know of many that require affiliates to pay to join their program. However, some products (physical and digital) or services may require you to own their product or use their service before accepting you into their affiliate program.

How to join affiliate marketing programs?

It’s fairly easy to join most affiliate programs, the best option is to have a look at their website, use their search bar and look for terms like Affiliate Program, Affiliate Partner, Partners, Referrals. A lot of sites will have it in their footer links. Another option is to search Google, or you can check out our Affiliate Program Database here.

What Are the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

This will depend on what niche and industry you are in and want to promote. In most cases, you will want to look for a number of things.

  1. The commission or per sale rate.
  2. Min payout amount.
  3. Is it a one-off payment or recurring?
  4. How competitive the market it and search volumes.

You can read our full article on this here.

What Are the Requirements to Join Affiliate Programs?

Each program has its own rules, some will automatically accept signups and others will screen each application that registers. If you register and get knocked back it’s always worth reaching out to them or looking to see if they have an Affiliate Manager on Linkedin. You have to consider 100’s of people applying for these programs, there is a lot of spammy methods used and product owns need to protect their brand name also. 

Should I pay to join an affiliate program?

As explained above, I don’t believe you should have to pay to join an affiliate program. I think it’s fair and reasonable that some may want you to actually own or have purchased their product before accepting applicants as a partner.

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

As an affiliate, if you want to be successful and make money, it differently helps if you have funds available and a budget to pay for things such as hosting, domain name, etc. But it is still more than possible to start and become an affiliate without any cost.