How To Get Started With Runcloud & Digital Ocean

In this article, we are going to look at how easy it is to get started with Runcloud and DigitalOcean to run one or more WordPress websites.

Along with the pro and cons and what to look at to help you make the best decision.

What is Runcloud

Web management tools for individuals, teams, from startup to enterprise.

RunCloud provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential. With a simple yet powerful control panel for cloud servers.

RunCloud allows you to build a website powered by DigitalOcean, AWS, or Google Cloud without being a computer system expert.

Is Runcloud like cPanel

It can be challenging to understand and process various types of hosting.

Let alone the concept of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

RunCloud is a cloud-based and modern web server panel and management tool kind of like Cpanel and Plesk. Instead, it offers a great user experience with a modern control panel.

That is a faster, lightweight alternative, and you don’t need to be a professional web developer to use or understand it.

Plesk, cPanel and Runcloud are all a server panel management tool. You would pick one or the other and don’t work together.

How To Setup DigitalOcean Server To Host Your Websites

Digitalocean is a well-known cloud server provider with a mission to simplify cloud computing.

So web developers and their teams can spend more making money and not having to worry about the technical stuff.

Many companies and people are moving towards Digitalocean with a large community and knowledge base.

They have a tonne of guides and beneficial articles to help at every point.

Runcloud io makes this process extremely easy to get set up and to run.

We also have a short video course on how to get started and connect your account. – Click the like to watch.

  1. Setup a DigitalOcean account.
  2. Create an SSH Key Pair.
  3. Connect Server Via Runcloud io inbuilt API.
  4. That’s it the heavy lifting is done for you.

Runcloud Is Easy To Get Started With WordPress

Get started with a One Click WordPress setup and instalment.

Once you’ve connected your Digitaocean account to Run Cloud it is as simple as clicking on the 1 Click WordPress option.

The UI is very user friendly and intuitive, and you can find whatever you need rather quickly and easily. My most basic need is to be able to deploy sites, assign domain names and create databases rapidly. At times deploy my application from GitHub or any other Git server. You can see how it’s perfect for any web developers.

WordPress – General Settings

Under the general setting, you only can update the WordPress and site address, and they’re working on adding to the list soon.

Server Health Check and Slack Notification

Easy to set up and send push notifications into Slack or email alerts and notifications. So you can monitoring server processes and health checks like server Load Memory Usage & Disk Space Usage.

Run Multiple WordPress Sites On The CLOUD with RunCloud

Running several WordPress sites on a single Virtual Private Server (VPS) isn’t uncommon. The same as shared hosting, except you are only sharing this with yourself and not the public.

While it is easy to install and set up sites using the many platforms, it can be very time-consuming to maintain and backup the contents, settings and themes; if you have more than a few.

There are several ways to manage and maintain WordPress single and multi-sites by either do it manually. Or using a Plugin like MainWP or other Third-Party Service.

RunCloud can help you efficiently manage multiple sites with their features and tools.

How to Easily Create a WordPress Staging Site on RunCloud

Site Staging is beneficial when you want to test, changes or updates elements of the website. But you don’t want to do this in a live production environment and run the risk of something going wrong. The best thing is Runcloud makes this so simple with only a couple of clicks you can easily make those changes. Then push it out to the live site once you’re happy without breaking a live site.

Using Free SSL from LetsEncrypt in RunCloud

By now we’ve all heard about HTTPS connection or been flashed a warning from the browser.

That warning about the website you’re trying to access is insecure.

Typically you need to manually upload an SSL TLS certificate from a provider like LetsEncrypt. First, you get the certificate, then configure your web server and renew one every 3 months.

Just like everything in RunCloud a couple of clicks, and you’re done! It will automatically configure your website to comply with the highest security compliance standards like PCI-DSS, NIST, and HIPAA. Passing the online SSL Server Security Test, the with an A+ for security!

RunCloud Features & Comparisons

Creating a RunCloud io account is free! You can register here to try it out. The free RunCloud features are tempting enough, but RunCloud Pro offers even more great features at a very affordable price! For $10 you’ll get:

WordPress & Web Applications

  • Magic Link via RunCloud Hub
  • WordPress Canvas
  • Clone web application
  • Change web application owner
  • Deploy Unlimited Web Apps
  • Add Unlimited Domain Names

Runcloud Features

  • Connect to an Unlimited Number of Servers
  • Multi-user support, team management, team-based on permission given, change user passwords.
  • Statistics
  • File Manager & Cloud Editor – Add, edit, delete, rename, change file or folder permissions, plus a code editor (Kinda like FTP without connecting externally)
  • Single click script Installer, download popular PHP scripts like WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel.


  • Git Deployment – clone, branch swapping, webhook for an automatic pull, and custom deployment scripts
  • Hook server jobs to your Slack Channel/Telegram and Email

Service Management

  • RunCloud server and error logs
  • Cron Job Manager
  • Simple Database Creation – Add, delete and change passwords for each database
  • Change auto-update settings
  • Custom NGINX config – Modify Nginx, Multiple PHP versions and settings for best performance depending on your Web Application needs.
  • Manage the system services (start, stop, reload) for NGiNX, HTTPD, MariaDB, Supervisord Job Manager.


  • Site authentication
  • Fix file and folder ownership
  • Cloudflare DNS Manager
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Configuration – Open or close ports globally or for certain IP Addresses
  • SSH Credential Management for a public key with an SSH Key Vault
  • Changing Server’s Password (except root password)


  • Fast Email Support to solve any issue.
  • Full offsite Web Application and Database Backup (Additional charges)

Monitor & Server health check

  • Total connected server
  • Graph of data transferred out per web application Daily & Monthly
  • Reports server load, memory and hard disk usage for your servers Hourly & Daily
  • Summary of data transfer per Web Application for yesterday and current month
  • Server Health notification. Notifies you via email, Slack and/or Telegram when

How to use object caching with

  • RunCloud Hub plugin
  • Run Cache (WordPress caching system)
  • Beanstalkd, Redis and Memcached

When did start

About Runcloud io. Runcloud is a business based in Malaysia, run by the Founder & CEO Arif Tukiman. With a team of over 20 employees, you can find more information, details and news.

Why RunCloud?

RunCloud io allows you to maintain full control of your server.

You can host multiple web app like WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel, and PHP applications.

With a fast and easy one click deployment and configuration.

RunCloud offers a painless way to manage web servers. Without the need to use confusing command lines and the product and benefits offered by RunCloud are hard to resist.

It is easy to get started and set up with a free trial account. Runcloud saves you time and minimizes the hassle for server configuration so you can focus more on the development of your websites.whether you’re a web developer, agency, or you’ve got a website with a page or two.

RunCloud io has a great product and feature to support all of your server optimization needs.

With loads more to come in the future according to their roadmap. Overall they offer a great user experience.

It’s fast, secure, and with the functionality provided. It is the best value for money and solution in the market. Get started with RunCloud for a Lightweight Control Panel for Server Management & Zero Downtime Deployment.

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