LinkedIn Pulse

A lot of our audience can be found on LinkedIn, and it’s becoming more of a social media platform than a professional network platform it was initially known for.

Linkedin Pulse articles or Posts are not anything new, they have been around for a while, but it’s something I’ve started to experiment with and test out how well the newsletter feature works in capturing an audience.

LinkedIn Pulse was a news aggregation app originally developed for Android, iOS and HTML5 browsers, originally released in 2010. The app, in its original incarnation, was deprecated in 2015 and integrated into LinkedIn.


In a nutshell, the basic idea is to:

  1. Post a new article every Thursday outlining frequently asked questions coming through from Sales Calls, Live Chats and Support.
  2. Turn these into a short how-to guide/overview guide.
  3. Nothing in-depth, just straightforward, sweet, and straight to the point with minimal sales or marketing hype.
  4. Based on the company profile and not your personal profile.

You can think of it like a mini-series, “Today I was asked.”

(I don’t know if that’s what I’ll call it for now; I’m not giving it any particular name on Linkedin.)

But that pretty much will be the opening for every post created.

Things to remember:

  • It’s a super simple concept that should not take any longer than 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Each week spend three or four knocking out as many FAQs into the short posts.
  • Track engagement (Views, Like, Comments, Following (company & personal), Signups) and any other engagement that makes sense.

You have to be consistent with posting to get a true feel of these metrics, and if it works, that’s why allowing a few hours each week to lock up as many posts as possible will allows you to be consistent in posting content when you have a heap all ready to go for those times you get caught up doing other things.

To make it as efficient as possible, I’m setting up a couple of templates.

  • Canva – for the main post image
  • SlideShare – To embed into the post that has a stack of example features that I can use in every post or at least most. (Time-Saving)
  • Landing Page – A specific landing page that offers a free trial to track to measure the conversion rate for these articles

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