New Product Features

Trying to decide what feature to add to your product is always a tricky decision.

There are a few things to consider, whether or not it comes down to cost, development time, technical complexity, or just not knowing and understanding what the end-users want really want.

Feedback can be one of the hardest things a product company can get. 

But it’s also the most valuable information you can get so it’s worth spending the time and effort trying to get this information.

It’s always hard to find the time and effort to get this information, and automation isn’t enough to make it personalised for the end user to engage.

Then you have the challenge of having multiple people receiving feedback from users at different times. Feedback is coming in from the sales team, others are coming in via support, which can be spread across multiple platforms like slack, email, intercom, inbound sales channels, social media accounts, you name it.

  • Make it a daily habit to engage with users.
  • Have simple exit surveys when people cancel.
  • Have a simple repository where you can all leave notes and information on the use of feedback you get don’t just leave it sitting in your CRM or live chat or support ticket system.
  • Use tags to identify these people based on features so when you release the feature, you can be in contact with them.
  • Organiser fortnightly or monthly recurring team meetings to discuss features and where they might fit in on the roadmap.

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