5 Reasons Why Your Sales Funnels Don’t Work (And How You Can Fix Them)

The modern B2B buyer journey is much more complex and dynamic than a traditional funnel model.

The traditional funnel assumes a linear path, but in reality, prospects can come from multiple sources and engage with your brand in many different ways.

It’s important to understand that prospects may not follow your planned path, and that’s okay.

The goal should be to expose them to your channels, communities, and assets, build trust, and showcase your expertise.

By doing this, you can keep your brand visible and nurture your prospects until the time is right for them to make a purchase.

Many factors, such as personal needs, budget, and competitive options, can influence a customer’s decision-making process.

Additionally, there are multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey where they can engage with your brand and receive information about your products and services.

In a traditional funnel, there is no room for these multiple factors, conditions, and logic that can alter the path of the sales process.

For example, a customer may start interested in your product but become frustrated with your company’s customer service and decide to purchase from a competitor instead.

Or, they may need more time to research and compare your product to others before making a decision.

Therefore, modern sales funnels should be seen as a series of interconnected stages that a customer may move through rather than a linear path.

This allows for a more dynamic and flexible approach to understanding the customer journey and helps businesses to identify potential roadblocks and opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Businesses can better understand and influence their customers’ behaviour and ultimately drive more sales by taking a more holistic view of the sales process.

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