SEO Sprint

The SEO sprint process is a content marketing strategy by Tim Hanson focusing on four key areas:

  • strategy
  • foundation
  • growth,
  • Promotion

Tim Hanson has developed the SEO sprint and has been proven to generate over £18 million in sales.

The strategy sprint starts by creating a plan to achieve the business goals, KPIs and MQLs. This includes a Website Quality Audit, a custom tool that uses code magic to pull data from various sources such as Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, Site Bulb, and SEMrush.

The data is then analyzed to identify technical and content fixes, which are then implemented to make the website the best it can be for SEO success.

The foundation sprint focuses on optimizing existing pages and strengthening the bonds between pages using internal links. A full content audit is also conducted to refresh, rewrite, merge and delete content to ensure that it functions for the company and not just exists.

The growth sprint is about creating new content that will rank for new keywords and building brandable assets such as resources, whitepapers and long-form blog content. This process is data-backed, fully researched, and designed to grab people’s attention and move them through the funnel.

Finally, the promotion sprint focuses on pushing the brand through owned and earned channels, such as link building, guest blogging, podcasting, and connecting with influencers. This is about building authority and driving traffic to the website, using data to identify the best sites and people to target.

Overall, the SEO sprint process is a data-backed, research-driven approach that can help SaaS companies improve their content strategy, increase their rankings, and effectively repurpose and distribute their content. It’s designed to achieve business goals, KPIs, and MQLs and ensure that the content is clear, relevant and useful for the target audience.

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