Tim Hanson

Tim Hanson is a well-known digital marketer who has been working in the tech industry for over a decade. He has a unique perspective on SEO sprints for SaaS companies, which he believes can be a highly effective way to drive organic growth.

According to Hanson, traditional SEO strategies can be time-consuming and costly for SaaS companies, particularly those that are bootstrapped or in the early stages of growth. He argues that instead of committing to long-term contracts with agencies, SaaS companies should focus on short, focused efforts to achieve specific outcomes. This approach, which he calls “SEO sprints,” can save companies time and money while still delivering results.

Hanson suggests that SaaS companies can use SEO sprints to optimize their website for search engines, improve their content strategy, and increase their online visibility. He suggests that companies can use sprints to focus on specific keywords, analyze their competitors, and improve their backlink profiles.

In addition to the benefits of SEO sprints for SaaS companies, Hanson emphasizes the importance of storytelling and content marketing. He believes that companies should use storytelling to create a human connection with their audience and use content marketing to educate and inform their potential customers.

Overall, Tim Hanson’s take on SEO sprints for SaaS companies is that they can be a cost-effective and efficient way to drive organic growth. That should be combined with storytelling and content marketing for a more comprehensive approach.

Sprints process

The 4 sprints process for big results in content marketing is a simple and effective approach for SaaS companies. It is designed to help companies improve their content strategy, increase rankings, and effectively repurpose and distribute their content.

The four sprints are:

  1. Strategy: In this sprint, a deep analysis is conducted on the company’s website, competitors, and existing pages. This analysis is used to create a custom 6-12-month sprint plan.
  2. Foundations: This sprint aims to upgrade existing content, service, and product pages. By using trust and buyer data, the bottom-of-the-funnel pages can be optimized to become the company’s new best salesperson.
  3. Growth: This sprint focuses on building new content through an in-depth gap analysis. Content is researched, prioritized, and word-perfect outlines are used to create content capable of ranking #1 in a matter of weeks.
  4. Promotion: This sprint aims to push the company’s brand through owned and earned channels to compete with larger companies. Data is used to identify the sites to get links on, podcasts to guest on, and people to connect with. The link types, anchor text, and content ratios are also determined to make search engines smile.

Overall, this 4 sprints process is designed to help SaaS companies improve their content strategy, increase their rankings, and effectively repurpose and distribute their content in a simple and effective approach.

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