User Intent

You will quickly learn that selling isn’t the hard part. It’s getting in front of the people at the right time.

Here’s the big thing to remember

When you start to understand the psychology behind why people buy and connect with it on an emotional level. Knows how to communicate with your audience and when to connect with them.

Understand your reader’s or users’ Intent and build the right sales copy around that.

4 Main Types Of Intent:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Commercial
  • Transactional

Many Free or Cheap paid products help with this. This is what will not only drive your success in Affiliate Marketing, but it will also drive more organic traffic with the right SEO.

With the right intent, sales copy doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t want to overcomplicate it and start writing like for “SEO” in 2005.

You do not need to:

  • Keyword stuff sentences that don’t make sense.
  • Use filler words to make a 300-word page into a 1200-word page.
  • Overuse statistics, or worse, make statistics up.
  • Use hundreds of screenshots with social proof.

From my experience, the best copywriting occurs when people don’t realise it’s copy because it resonates with them, is interesting, solves a problem, and answers a question.

  • Your content addresses their fears. (Honest Product Review)
  • It speaks to their desires. (Speeding up their WordPress website)
  • It uses the words they use. (Don’t use technical terms if you’re not selling a technical product)
  • It feels like a conversation with a friend or a trusted advisor.

When people are interested, they’re going to read it and not think about the fact that it’s trying to sell them something.

“People love to buy; they hate to be sold.”

Some questions to ask yourself:

What are five ways my product or service will help them make money?

How can I or my product or service help them save money over the next week, month, or year?

How much time can I save them, and what else could they do with that time?

What is something they don’t have to do once they get my product or service? (This is how you figure out how it helps them avoid effort.)

What physical pain do I eliminate for them, and what does that mean for their life and business?

How does my product or service eliminate mental pain or worry for them?

What are three ways I or my product can help them feel more comfortable?

How does my product or service make it easier for them to achieve greater cleanliness or hygiene?

How does my product or service help them feel healthier or more alive?

What are three ways my product or service is going to help them be the envy of their friends and feel more loved by their family?

How will buying my product make them feel more popular and increase their social status?

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WhoTopProduct NameBuy
WhyReviewService NameCoupon

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