What Is Part Of Speech

The complete guide on Part of Speech For Beginners.

POS tagging is a critical preprocessing step in Natural Language Processing, as it provides the basis for more complex tasks such as named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and machine translation.

This blog explores the concept of POS tagging and its importance in the complex field of NLP.

What is Part Of Speech?

A part of speech (POS) is a word class that provides a classification of words according to their function within a sentence.

The POS classes are defined by various features of the word, such as inflectional endings, word stem, syntax, and various word classes of related words.  The word classes are used in some theories of syntax.

Stemming is the process of reducing each word to its common stem, base or root form—generally a written word form.

Stemming is useful in fields such as information retrieval, text mining, natural language processing, and data mining, where it is desirable to identify documents or contextually similar words.

Stemming is part of POS (Part Of Speech) tagging.

POS tagging is the process of marking up words according to their part of speech.

It’s important for natural language understanding systems, search engines, natural language processing, and machine translation.