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WP Ultimo is known to be The Ultimate Website as a Service platform builder, according to an interview with the product owner and developer Arindo Duque and turn-key websites blueprints WP Ultimo was born out of necessity.
Arindo Duque teamed up with a good friend to build a portfolio platform for professional photographers and at the time only recently discovered WordPress multisite.

They began to search plugins that would handle the subscription and access restriction part of the platform, they managed to find one solution in the market at the time, and it was terrible.

As any dedicated developer, they started to develop their solution to handle the subscription management part of the project and soon realized there was a place in the market for it.

How can you use WP Ultimo to build a Business?

WP Ultimo allows you to easily and quickly create a self-managed Website as a Service platform – like Wix or Squarespace – on top of WordPress making your customers’ lives much more comfortable with a simple way to signup and get started with a new website.

You can easily manage user and client subscription within WordPress; it is also comes shipped with PayPal and Stripe out-of-the-box to accept payment.

A user who wants to use your service goes through a simple signup process. They choose their plan, template and payment method during the purchase process and get a site at the end that’s it!
Sounds simple right? It actually is!
You create boilerplate sites and templates for your users to select from during the signup flow just like on wordpress.com.
The templated sites allow you to predefine all the site settings and plugins in just a couple of minutes and users need to follow the setup wizard, and they on-board themself and get started.
Some WaaS ideas you can steal

Jetpack CRM, WordPress Multisite and WP Ultimo

WP Ultimo Plugin Review 10
Now you know the possibilities of creating a WaaS based business and how easy it is, let’s take a look into and review WP Ultimo. 
While we’re not going to cover everything in here by the end of it, you should have enough information to see if it’s going to be the right solution. Or even give you some ideas you never thought before and start making money online in one of the easiest way possible.

WP Ultimo Plugins & Addons

WP Ultimo comes packed with a tonne of plugins, themes and addons to help you create the ultimate user experience and leverage the power of WordPress.
Let’s start with editing the default WordPress dashboard, some love it, some hate it, but most of all, most people are familiar with it. You might want to brand it to your liking and try to hide it from your clients.
WP Ultimo Themes
wp ultimo pro theme
Material WP

WP Ultimo Domain Mapping

One of the most powerful features of a premium network is the ability to offer your clients a chance of attaching a top-level domain to their sites. 
WordPress multisite recently released this feature natively. It doesn’t work quite the same as WP Ultimo. WP Ultimo Domain Mapping Support works right out-of-the-box, offer users to do this on signup or after signup, and you can restrict which plans provide the feature.
So for example instead of the tradition, multisite network setup to domain all used a “Sub-domain” so it would look like `client1.yournetwork.com` now they can have their domain point to it for a more professional look like newyorkplumbing.com

WP Ultimo Domain Seller

OpenSRS is a go-to platform for resellers of Domain Names, Hosted Email, SSL Certificates and Security and Privacy Products and is a sister company of Tucows.
Tucows is the second-largest domain registrar in the world by volume. Hence, you get the advantage of wholesale prices so you can become your own domain provider for the customer and upsell them domain names.
OpenSRS offers an easy to use the portal to make this process just as simple as using any other domain name provider like Go Daddy, Crazy Domains or any other one in the market.

WP Ultimo Domain Seller integrates directly into the OpenSRS API. Making it easy to set up and get started, a user can choose to purchase a domain on signup or bring their own. You can also offer domain name privacy, auto-renewals and more. 

WP Ultimo Admin Pages Pro

With WP Admin Pages PRO you can create Admin Pages for your sites using drag and drop page builder of like Elementor and Brizy.
It’s just like adding a standard page or post but for admin pages and sub-pages within the WordPress Dashboard. 
Not only can you make pages but create new Dashboard Widgets for you or your clients and replace the WordPress default welcome screen with your own custom content! 
Supported Page Builders
WP Admin Pages currently supports the following page builders.

Beaver Builder
DIVI – Coming soon!
Gutenberg – Coming soon!

WP Ultimo WooCommerce Integration

The WooCommerce Integration requires WooCommerce to be activated at least on the main site to work. It works in a very similar way to the Manual Gateway payment or instead of using Stripe and Paypal.
The advantage of this is it offers tons of flexibility to your users, allowing them to choose any of the payment forms available from WooCommerce.
The disadvantage’s it’s still a manual process for the end-user. The users receive an invoice in their email, with a link to perform the payment and can be accessible in the user dashboard and admin console.

WP Ultimo EU VAT Support

Pretty self-explanatory European VAT allows buyers from European countries the advantage of adding VAT to billing on digital goods on the signup process.

WP Ultimo Pro Sites Migrator

We touched on this early on in the article, WP Pro Sites is an old alternative to WP Ultimo and has now been discontinued and no longer in development. WP Ultimo allows old Pro Site users to easily migrate and convert their existing network sites using the WP Ultimo Pro Sites Migrator.

WP Ultimo Multiple Accounts

You know when you signup to something and you get this error or message saying.
“Email already Taken”.
The way a WordPress multisite database works is all users are stored in the same database, so in some uses case, the same email address exists already.
For example, a user that created an account on a WooCommerce sub-site store would get an “email already taken” error message when trying to signup on your Ultimo network. 
WP Ultimo, Multiple Accounts addons, solves this problem by bypassing the WordPress email address check. 
The only drawback is it currently only supports WooCommerce, and depending on what your WaaS business is going to be. It’s a pretty rear chance; it could happen. 
WP Ultimo Language Selector
By default, WordPress is in English US, and we all have the option to change the Langage based for the WordPress admin area. If you target audience was in the one geolocation you will get away with selecting your default language, and it would be set to that across each subsite, however, if you wanted to target multiple regions and languages WP Ultimo language selector allows your users to select different languages on signup for their WordPress site.

WP Ultimo Plugin and Theme Manager

This would have to be one of my favourite addons they have, and the WP Ultimo Plugin and Theme Manager allow you to control plugin on the subsites. 
For example, suppose you want to enable users to have access to particular plugins, but require other plugins for the sites to function, you can hide them from the users.
It also allows you to edit any of the default plugin text. Like the Plugin Name, Authors Name, Website, Version and description. 
Essentially you can rebrand plugins in the plugin section of users websites.

WP Ultimo AffiliateWP Integration

Affiliate WP is a great plugin to allow you to run affiliate programs for your WordPress site. The WP Ultimo Affiliate WP integration lets your already existing customers promote and recruit new users for your WaaS business. 
Just like any other affiliate program, let your customers boost your services and reward them for their work. You can set all the Terms & Conditions, Commission Rates and anything required, to get new customers.
It integrates directly with your WP Ultimo management and signup process. You can enrol user straightaways and leverage the WP Ultimo Admin Pages plugin to build a whole affiliate page and platform within the WordPress Dashboard.
Keeping in mind Affiliate, WP is not included with it and has to be purchase separately.

WP Ultimo Mailchimp Integration

Most of us have probably heard of Mailchimp one time or another. 
WP Ultimo Mailchimp integrations allow you connect to Mailchimp so you can start a marketing campaign, drip-feed and broadcast email to you users.

WP Ultimo Ad Injector

Another great plugin is the WP Ultimo Ad injector. You may offer a free plan and still want to make revenue, WP Ultimo Ad Injector allows you to inject ads on subsites. You could even inject ads into the WordPress admin dashboard for logged in users.

WP Ultimo Alternative

The only real WP Ultimo alternative that we are aware of at the time of writing this article is Pro Sites by wpmudev. However, this plugin has been retired now and is classed as a legacy plugin that is no longer actively developed by wpmudev but just like all WordPress plugins including wp ultimo they are licensed under GPL.
While some people in the community have folded Pro Sites on GitHub and might be actively developing it you can check out the source code and download a copy from GitHub – https://github.com/wpmudev/pro-sites
WP Ultimo vs Pro Sites
Pro Sites is no longer actively developed. I believe some of WP Ultimo framework is built around it. The developers of Pro Sites are actively promoting and recommending WP Ultimo as the number one alternative.
WP Ultimo has also made it easy for the users of Pro Site to easily migrate over to WP Ultimo with their Pro Site migrator plugin.

WP Ultimo Hosting

WP Ultimo works with most hosting providers. There are a couple you should favour over others. Arindo Duque and the team, have worked hard with several hosting companies to make the domain mapping process automated and pain-free. 

Automatic Support for Hosting Companies


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