WpDataTables – The ultimate guide with 6 live examples

WpDataTables is a best-selling table plug-in that makes your work with tables, charts, and data management easy.

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What is DataTables?

Easily create tables or charts with WpDataTables in WordPress, all you have to do is provide the data.

With endless customization, there is no need for complicated coding.

  • Advanced features such as responsive design, conditional formatting, and multi-criteria filtering can be used.
  • You can publish the tables on your post or pages.
  • WpDatatables is a javascript/jQuery based data and chart library.

Different tables you can create

Whether you are an individual, a company, or an education department, there are endless possibilities. Show financial, scientific, statistical, commercial, and other data on the front or back end as a static or dynamic table with front-end editing and entry options.

It’s simple to make different tables from the basic to the more advanced.

Turn your data into powerful and insightful visuals with WpDataTables.

Simple table from scratch

You can create a table with any data, merged cells, style each cell differently, star rating and a lot more. You have full control of the format, but no sorting, filtering, pagination or database connection like in a data table.

WpDataTable Simple Table
WpDataTable Simple Table – Spreadsheet Like Editor

Live Example

Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Feature 4
Product 1
Product 2
Product 3
Product 4

Data table manually

Similar to a spreadsheet, create manual tables by defining the number and type of columns and filling in the data manually.

Column type options

  • One-line string
  • Multi-line string
  • One-line select box
  • Multi-line select box
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Time
  • URL link
  • E-mail link
  • Image
  • Attachment

The table you create will be stored in the MySQL database and can be changed from the WP admin or the frontend.

Live Example

wdt_ID Name Position Office Age Start Date Salary

Query the WordPress database

An easy to use GUI tool can be used to create a database based on a query to the WordPress database.

Don’t know how to use MySQL? The GUI tool is user- friendly and to make sure you complete the correct query, WpDataTables will show you an example along with the preview of the first five results.

User-Friendly MySQL Query GUI Tool

Define additional table and columns settings for more than one table and column.

  • WHERE condition
  • Equal, Less Than, Greater Than
  • NOT Equal
  • LIKE – comparison for ‘fuzzy’ comparison with strings
WpDatatable Auto-Generated MySQL Query

Are you interested in learning more about MySQL?

The Complete SQL Mastery is only $19/USD over 11 hours. Real live examples and easy to understand videos make training easy to understand.

Or check out the free MySQL Cheat Sheet by mysqltutorial.org

Live Example

Link to an existing data source

Create a dynamic table from Excel, CSV, Google Spreadsheet, SQL query, XML, JSON, serialized PHP array. The data will be read from the source every time on page load and updated.

Importing data from a data source

Multiple sources of data can be imported to the database like Excel, CSV, Google Spreadsheet. The data and table can be edited in either WP admin or on the frontend.

Different charts you can create

WpDatatable makes it easy to turn any WordPress table into a chart or graph.

A picture of the tables paints a thousand words.

If you have a lot of data, graphs and charts are an easy way to get across your point. It’s possible to choose from many chart types with live-edit and preview them in real-time before you save and insert them into your page.

Wp DataTables has 14 different chart types rendered by three powerful chart engines.

Live Example

Each WordPress table can be used as a data source for creating WordPress charts WpDataTables has 14 different chart types rendered by three powerful chart engines, Google Charts, HighCharts and Charts.js and can change in real-time.

Built-in Chart Wizard

The WpDatatables chart creation wizard makes it a breeze to create interactive and dynamic frontend charts. The setup assistant user interface is clean and tidy with well-defined steps.

WpDataTable has over 17 Charts Available.

  1. Line Chart
  2. Column Chart
  3. Pie Chart
  4. Area Chart
  5. Stepped area Chart
  6. Histogram
  7. Bar Chart
  8. Stacked Bar Chart
  9. Bubble Chart
  10. Doughnut Chart
  11. Gauge Chart
  12. Scatter Chart
  13. Candlestick Chart
  14. Waterfall Chart
  15. Polar Area
  16. Radar Chart
  17. Treemap Chart

Google Charts



Other Features


Mobile Responsive

WordPress Tables created with the wpDataTables plugin are natively responsive and can be used on any device type. When you turn the responsive mode on, you get new column settings that let you hide individual columns on mobile or tablet devices along with other options.

Advanced Filters and Search

Advanced filtering allows frontend table users to filter the data in tables by the values of each column. You can use wpDataTables as a filterable catalogue, which is a handy way to narrow down your WordPress table results quickly.

The wpDataTables plugin provides a comprehensive list of filter types.

  • Text
  • Number
  • Number range
  • Date range
  • Datetime range
  • Time range
  • Selectbox
  • Multiselectbox
  • Checkbox
  • Exact or partial match
  • Disabling the filter for a column
  • Clear filters button
  • Advanced filter in a widget (in WordPress sidebar)
  • Predefined default filter values
  • Defining filter values in the URL

Extend these filters, with the Powerful Filters addon and configuring the filtering engine for almost any project

  • Cascade filters
  • Dependent filtering
  • Independent filtering
  • Hide the table before the filter is applied
  • Form style filtering
  • Search button

Live Example

wdt_ID Keyword Volume CPC (USD) Number of Results
Keyword Volume CPC (USD) Number of Results

Large Dataset & Tables

Other Great Features

It’s hard to cover all the great features WpDataTable has to offer so below is a list of additional features that I haven’t covered above.

  • Conditional formatting – Just like any spreedsheet apply condition formating and colours.
  • Calculating – totals, minimum, maximum and average values.
  • Row grouping – Group rows for better data sorting.
  • Word Wrap – For lengthly table cell you can word wrap.
  • Table data export – Generat PDF, XLS, CSV on the front-end.
  • Table Width – Limit table width globbaly or per table.
  • Column Width – Defining the width for specific columns.
  • Scrollable Tables – For tables larger than the page or container width.
  • Table layouts – Each table can have it’s own layout.
  • Copy to clipboard – Allow frontend user or visitors to copy to clipboard.
  • Column visibility – You can hide columns for your input data source so they are not visible to front-end users.
  • Table Style – Each table can have it’s own Font, Colour, Size, Custom CSS, and more.
  • Multiple DB – Connect multiple datables and supports (MySQL, MS SQL, Postgre SQL)
  • Placeholders – Dynamic SQL Queries with placeholders.

Powerful Addons

Gravity Form Integration

A “Bridge” between wpDataTables and one of most popular drag&drop Form Builder plugins for WordPress Gravity Forms.

Live Example

Live Example

Forminator forms

Master-Detail Tables

Powerful filters

Report builder

WpDataTable Pricing