Marketing Model Strategy

There is the age-old marketing and sales argument when it comes to who you should market to, and before you take a deep dive into any marketing tactics, I also think you need to remember…

Marketing tactics for one market type fail horribly in others.

The bottom-up or top-down approach?

The top-down approach to management is when company-wide decisions are made solely by leadership at the top. In contrast, the bottom-up approach gives all teams a voice in these decisions.



The Maker or the Shaker? (Creators or Explorers)

Let’s take a minute and break this down into two simple terms Makers & Shakers

The Maker (Enduser)

Depending on your product this can vary but you are likely to attract a particular crowd, the Makers.

Makers are people who try before they buy.

They want to understand what a product is really about and how it can solve their problems.

Often, makers are individual contributors to a business.

They execute the business strategy, and they are doers.

Targeting the makers and leading with a free trial or freemium model work really well as a self-service approach.

These are end-users. They can experience the core value of your product and make a convincing case to the shakers.

Meaning this is the bottom-up marketing approach.

The Shakers (C-suite)

On the other side of the spectrum are shakers. 

Shakers are members of high-level management (C-Suite) with the right to “shake” the business or their team by mutual consent or if need be, vested authority.

I think regardless of size, most companies (including competitors) target the shakers because they are the decision-makers.

As a result, shakers are often inundated with countless sales emails and demo requests.

They need to see the big picture of how a new software tool can grow the business – they won’t be there to use the software daily.

Targeting shakers is hard to lead with a free trial or freemium model because they are not the end-user, and they won’t have the technical chops to grasp the full value of Hava.

This is where you use a Sales Roadmap.

Top Down

Long Sales cycle & demo calls, paid PoC, hands-on approach

Bottom Up

Self-service individuals