Things to consider before joining a startup

Today, I’m going to discuss the challenges associated with joining a startup.

Startups can be tough; there are many factors for an individual to succeed.

It’s a unique and exciting way of launching your career in a new industry or company; however, it can be overwhelming if you’re unprepared for its challenges.

Understanding these challenges before you get started is essential for success.

Most people fail when they join startups because they don’t understand the frustrations of startup life.

Different stages of growth and hiring can come with working at a startup.

You may find yourself getting sucked into long hours and projects with no end date or the resources to get what you want to do in a productive or fast manner.

Understanding what you’re getting into before joining a new startup is essential for successful integration into the company culture and future success.

1-10 Employees

Don’t expect much structure or formal training. You’ll have to learn as you go and stay on top of things yourself without waiting for someone else to teach you.

11-20 Employees

Training may be lacking, but onboarding should be improving. Look out for more established processes, such as introductory documentation sessions and try to take advantage of any resources in this early stage.

20-40 Employees

There should be some training and onboarding at this point, but it may not be perfect. Still, keep your eyes peeled for any resources from senior team members. In larger companies, employees tend to specialise more, so look for programs tailored to your area.

Biggest takeaways

It’s important to remember to manage expectations throughout each stage of growth.

Come prepared with self-motivation, openness towards learning new skills, and an ability to adapt quickly as roles change.

Don’t hesitate to challenge ideas or suggest solutions if something doesn’t work.
Proactively prepare for the unexpected, and be able to think on the fly.

Doing this, you’ll be better able to maximise your potential for larger opportunities when it comes time for growth or expansion within that startup.