Occupational Health Software

What Makes A Good Occupational Health?

We understand that occupational health software is essential for any business looking to improve employee safety and productivity, but we also know that finding quality software is hard. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of what makes a good OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) solution.

Intuitive user interface: An intuitive UI means that the software is easy to navigate and quick to learn. It requires less training time and fewer errors.

Multi-user capability: With multi-user technology, employees can collaborate on projects and share information. Multiple users can view notes simultaneously and edit documents together.

Real-time reports: Real-time reporting gives managers the ability to see what’s happening in the field at a glance. Managers can receive alerts on workers’ sick days, injuries, and missed shifts.

Mobile availability: Mobile applications allow workers to access data wherever they are, whether that’s at home, the factory floor, or on vacation. Workers can view schedules, update records, and submit reports whenever they need to.

Integration with third-party systems: Third-party integration enables companies to connect their existing databases and websites into the software. This means that workers can easily access company information such as paystubs, medical records, and other pertinent details right within the application.

What Is Occupational Health Software Occupational health software helps companies keep workers safe on the job. It collects information from employees' workstations and provides reports to managers.